PM Ronald Bohlayer Discusses the Characteristics of an Excellent Project Manager


Experienced PM Ronald Bohlayer recently discussed the characteristics of an excellent project manager.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK , UNITED STATES , May 6, 2021 / — The term “project manager” is a vague one. It is a profession that can vary greatly in terms of responsibility and job description. A project manager can work in engineering, marketing, technology, construction, and a long list of other fields. Ronald Bohlayer is an expert project manager, having learned on the job initially as a Marine. He recently discussed the key characteristics of someone who succeeds in this position.

“Project managers play countless roles across numerous industries,” Ronald Bohlayer said. “But most excellent project managers share similar key characteristics.”

Bohlayer explained that the project manager position is a fulfilling one, but it isn’t easy. It requires initiation, serious amounts of planning, flawless execution, and complete control from start to finish. Because of this, Bohlayer explained that a successful project manager is also an excellent leader.
“A project manager leads from start to finish,” Ronald Bohlayer said. “You must be able to create ideas, motivate your team, and keep everyone on track for on-time completion.”

Bohlayer explained that leadership is also tied to communication, as all project managers must communicate clearly and effectively. Communication can take place in-person, online, over the phone, or in numerous other ways. A successful project manager knows how to communicate with his or her team, customers, vendors, investors, and more. It’s likely the project manager will have to adjust his or her approach to communicate with people in various roles.
“Critical thinking is an absolute must for every project manager,” Ronald Bohlayer said. “Project managers are in charge of completing tasks in the most effective, efficient, and often affordable ways possible. This means problem-solving at the drop of a hat when required.”

Bohlayer explained that problems can arise any or every day throughout the process of completing a task or project. A quality project manager can handle such hiccups without becoming overly stressed or flustered. Problems must be solved as quickly as possible, so the project can continue towards on-time completion and a high-quality outcome.

Ronald Bohlayer finished by explaining that a project manager must be versatile. It’s important to be cross-trained with various skills, including cost control, negotiation, technology, risk management, and more. The process of becoming a project manager is one that requires schooling and hands-on experience. Although Bohlayer stated that the gratification of seeing numerous projects through from humble beginnings to successful finishes is well worth the time, effort, and dedication.

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