Piggy Bank Tutor Launches Kids & Money Community for Parents


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Kids & Money It’s a Family Affair

Kids & Money It’s a Family Affair

When parents start teaching their children at an early age about the value of money, this life lesson benefits the entire family 18 years later!”

— Gloria Mansfield, Founder, Piggy Bank Tutor

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Piggy Bank Tutor (PBT) is the educational and entertaining financial literacy experience for children ages 3—12 years old. Thank goodness for April Financial Literacy Money. But, the truth be told, financial literacy is ongoing. So, let’s continue the momentum helping parents teach their kids the value of money year-round. Piggy Bank Tutor is excited to introduce fun and engaging ways to make this happen!

PBT has launched a fun and effortless way to help parents raise money-smart kids. The Piggy Bank Tutor Kids & Money Community partners with parents and teachers to help teach kids the value of money, providing practical and straightforward tools and resources. PBT supports parental involvement creating family time engagement with financial literacy for the entire family to enjoy.

We welcome parents and teachers to join the PBT Kids & Money Community, which features:
* Parent’s Guide Kids & Money
* Kids & Money T-Shirt
* Family Time Kids & Money Activities
* Monthly Kids & Money Tools

Children grow up so fast, and teaching them the value of money often gets overlooked because we do not know how, when, or what to do. Unfortunately, in hindsight, parents regret not teaching their kids this critical life lesson of money management.

According to Forbes, “T. Rowe Price’s 11th Annual Parents, Kids & Money Survey found that nearly half of parents said they miss opportunities to talk to their kids about money and finances. And a quarter said they are very reluctant or highly reluctant to discuss financial topics with their children. Kids, on the other hand, are eager for their parents to share their wisdom. Half of the children surveyed said they wish their parents taught them more about money.
Even if you’re not teaching your kids, they will learn lessons about money one way or another. If you want to play a vital role in shaping your children’s feelings, thinking, and values about money, you need to give them the gift of financial literacy from an early age.” Piggy Bank Tutor partners with parents providing fun family time financial literacy engagement!

For more information, please visit https://piggybanktutor.com/.

Gloria Mansfield, Creator, and Founder of Piggy Bank Tutor have a Master of Arts in Teaching E-6. She started Piggy Bank Tutor to teach young children financial literacy partnering with their parents too. Over twenty years in Early Childhood Education, she believes kids and money it’s a family affair. (PBT) is an educational and entertaining financial literacy experience for children ages 3-12 that provides interactive engagement centered around the habits and practices of earning, giving, saving, and investing money. PBT specializes in financial literacy products, workshops, events, and programs for children and their families and teachers. The product brings money management and financial literacy to life with everyday real-life experiences through its new take on “The Three Little Pigs” via Money Math Coaches – LeLe, CeCe, and BeBe.
PBT provides workshops, home parties, after-school programs, field trips, birthday parties, playdates, corporate events, summer camps, and FUN-TAS-TIC financial literacy products.

Gloria Mansfield
Piggy Bank Tutor