Pi Futures Opens the Financial Opportunities of Pi Cryptocurrency to the Public


Pi Futures allows the larger community beyond Pi miners to access this successful new cryptocurrency with smart contracts connected to Ethereum.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pi Futures has grown out of the success of Pi, an Ethereum token issued with a 1:1 anchor to the Pi Network. Since 2019, this currency has been available to Pi Miners and has accumulated the efforts of over 10 million users. The network has enormous potential for profit, with a possible market value of over one billion US dollars, and a possible price in the range of 10-20 dollars. Pi Futures is a new innovation that will allow holders to transfer, redeem, and exchange Pi in almost any cryptocurrency wallet.

Pi Futures allows users to access the value of the Pi token through Ethereum smart contracts. Both Pi Network and Ethereum are blockchains, so Pi Futures allows for transfers between Pi and Ethereum tokens through this cross-chain technology. This system will allow millions of users to operate in a decentralized finance ecosystem that integrates decentralized transactions and financial services. This allows users to take advantage of the value created by the work of the Pi miner community, and will ultimately be focused on giving back to that community through growing the Pi ecosystem.

Pi Futures offers both a mobile app and a web-based system, allowing users to earn Pi Futures for free, and earn from anywhere. Pi is paired with Ethereum, allowing its value to build on the quick and significant rise in value that Ethereum has experienced. This pairing also offers the users the added value of trading for the value of Pi without waiting for the release of Pi Network Phase II, giving them immediate access to the benefits of this financial system.

More information on Pi Futures is available on their website, and users can sign up to earn Pi Futures here.

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