PeopleGuru Enhances All-In-One Human Capital Management Solution with Employee Scheduling


PeopleGuru Scheduling

PeopleGuru Scheduling helps mid-market organizations align employee schedules with business requirements.

TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, May 5, 2021 / — PeopleGuru, a leader in Human Capital Management (HCM) software, has announced the release of its Scheduling solution as part of its full HCM offering to help mid-market organizations align employee schedules with business requirements and shift demands.

PeopleGuru Scheduling provides employees with flexible, user-friendly tools to submit availability, swap shifts, and find last minute replacements. Employees also have the opportunity to increase earnings by picking up extra hours that are available in the open shifts calendar. Real-time scheduling includes important shift details such as job location, assignment, and special earnings that keep a dynamic workforce engaged. Managers have visibility into their entire workforce and can make schedule changes across multiple positions, departments, or locations in response to an increase or decrease in business demands.

“The shift eligibility feature within the scheduling tool ensures our clients are not just filling shifts with people, but filling shifts with the right, qualified people at the right time,” said Jim Costello, Vice President of Operations at PeopleGuru. “The addition of the scheduling solution will be instrumental specifically to our clients in the healthcare, wellness, retail, and individual and family services industries that have such cumbersome and unique scheduling requirements.”

The solution also offers templates and workflows to generate standard schedules along with data-driven schedules that help leaders control and forecast labor costs, mitigate compliance risk, and produce reports with real-time data from a single source.

PeopleGuru Scheduling is now available as part of the PeopleGuru HCM offering. Visit to learn more about how your organization can increase efficiencies with a flexible employee scheduling solution.

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