Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation joins Oncoheroes Biosciences on their unique approach to defeat childhood cancer


BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / — For close to 40 years, Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation has been pioneering the effort to eliminate childhood cancer by identifying and funding promising leading edge research. Today, Oncoheroes Biosciences is thrilled to announce the investment of PCRF, the first time PCRF supports a biotech company.

Driven by the vision that every child deserves to grow up cancer free, PCRF exclusively targets its resources toward emerging and breakthrough research opportunities that demonstrate the best hope of a cure. “This year we are joining forces with Oncoheroes in their vision to collaborate with like-minded organizations to bring these new treatments to children with cancer. We’re stronger together.“ stated Jeri Wilson Executive Director of the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.

Every three minutes a family is diagnosed with childhood cancer and unfortunately, one in five will lose the battle. The lack of treatments designed and developed for children with cancer is unacceptable, with only 5 drugs specifically designed to treat children versus more than 200 for adults.

Developing new drugs is hard enough for therapies treating common diseases. The barriers only get higher for those with rare indications, like childhood cancer where foundations have been denouncing the lack of early-stage funding from the private sector; of incentives, and of industry interest.

“After years in the non-profit side of childhood cancer, I realized that investing resources only in academic research will not lead to new childhood cancer treatments, because research is only one piece of a complex jigsaw. Thus, we decided to launch Oncoheroes Biosciences, a mission-driven biotech company building a multi-asset pipeline exclusively focused on pediatric oncology. Thank you Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation for your vision and for going beyond your traditional research grant model. We will conquer childhood cancer if, together, we try something different.” explained Cesare Spadoni, co-founder and COO of Oncoheroes Biosciences.

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