Payment Communication Solutions: Why Your Business Needs an ACH Payment Gateway API


Simply put, businesses that choose to integrate an ACH Payment Gateway API receive immediate and long-term benefits for your business.

ACH Payment Gateway API integration allows businesses to stay up to date with both mandates and cost-effect processes, and enhances software apllaction’s capacity to operate with real-time communication integration.

Communication solutions offered through ACH gateways include:

  • Communication, Reporting, And Reconciliation
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Data Protection
  • Fusion With Credit Card Processing

Communication, Reporting, And Reconciliation

An ACH payment gateway API allows instant data delivery and automatic reconciliation, as opposed to waiting for a cron delivered file. Notifications can be automated to help streamline your service, such as alerting customers or employees of settled ACH transactions.

Non-sufficient funds notifications can trigger NSF pre-presentment tries, and even NSF fee debit transactions, compared to the traditional method of manually discovering the NSF error and reaching out to the customer for new payment details.

Risk Mitigation

Many businesses are integrating ACH Payment Gateway API to offer a range of risk mitigation benefits beyond simply transmitting ACH transactions.

Risk mitigation tools are available via instant gateway API that can confirm bank account ownership and account balances, and match identities to bank accounts. Further security options include OFAC checks, bad account database identification, and transit routing number validation.

Data Protection

Protecting sensitive customer data should be a necessity for all businesses, and an ACH Payment Gateway API can help do just that.

Using an ACH payment gateway API that supports data tokenization, meaning that sensitive personal financial data isn’t stored in your software or servers (thus reducing the chance for theft or the leaking of sensitive financial data). Tokenization means the SaaS platform instantly posts data via the gateway, with a reference token returned in real-time. The majority of ACH gateways that also support credit card transactions contain PCI level 1 certification.

Integration Alongside Credit Card Processing

A streamlined ACH API integration will allow both ACH and credit card processing, as businesses accepting card not present transactions will need to use a gateway.

Meeting Your Business’s ACH Needs

ACH Payment Gateway API integration is a benefit to both the host application and subscribers, providing immediate financial and user experience benefits, particularly for SaaS applications utilizing subscription models.

For almost 20 years, Agile Payments have been offering premium ACH API integrations to businesses of any size. Contact Agile Payments for more information.