Pal-Mate Studio Announces Uphill Kickstarter


Pal-Mate Studio has recently announced the crowdfunding campaign for their new party game, Uphill.

Our goal was to create a fun and accessible simulation of that sort of fantasy political intrigue you’ve seen on TV shows”

— Alexandra Tasnadi, Director of Business Development

MIDDLETOWN, DE, USA, May 7, 2021 / — Part card game, part social experiment, Uphill is a title that’s designed to turn you and your friends against each other. The game is unbalanced from the start, but you can still cause an upset. Players are divided into Nobles and Peasants, determined by random at the very beginning. At first, the goal seems simple: create a kingdom that can withstand the test of time (three turns). Each player gets assigned five warriors at random, then the Peasantry gives the Nobility their strongest warriors, while giving them their weakest in return.

Combat is straightforward. When an opponent plays a card, you match it with one of the same colour and the highest value card wins. But the Trump Card beats everything. While that may sound easy, victory is anything but. It’s not enough just to crush your enemies; players also have to predict their number of victories. If the Peasants guess correctly, they can engage in revolution to redistribute power. While you may have started out as a Noble working in your own self-interest, as a Peasant, you’re much better served by democracy.

Uphill requires at least two players and can seat a maximum of ten. It’s suitable for players aged thirteen or over, and each game can take upwards of thirty minutes. The physical game includes a matched set of 105 unique warrior cards.

“Our goal was to create a fun and accessible simulation of that sort of fantasy political intrigue you’ve seen on TV shows,” said Alexandra Tasnadi, Director of Business Development.
“Nothing’s easy to predict, and even someone rich and powerful can get completely upended. We’re really proud of Uphill, and we’re so excited for players to get their hands on it.”

By pledging to the company’s Kickstarter campaign, that runs from 10.05. to 31.05.2021, backers will opt-in to receive the latest updates on their progress with Uphill, so
they’ll know the moment it releases. For $15 or more, supporters get a printable poster designed by the brand’s artists. For $30, they’ll also get a copy of the game. Their $200 Collector’s Pack includes the poster, a Gorilla General T-shirt, as well as signed and unsigned copies of the game. $300 nets the Family Pack, which includes 10 copies of Uphill. Any interested retailers can sign up for the company’s $2,500 Retailer’s Pack to receive 100 copies of the game for their store.

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