ORÅ Brands Partners with Unibui To Get Our Kids Back To School Safely


ORÅ Brands, Nanofiber Product Manufacter and Unibui, University Marketplace, partnership is symbolized with banner containing both companies’ logos

Photo by: Vince Madrigal via ORÅ Brands

Photo by: Vince Madrigal via ORÅ Brands

ORÅ Brand partners with Unibui to provide our children with protective face masks to go to school safely. Review how the partnership will accomplish this.

Students will be safe AND comfortable wearing our masks as they return to in-person classes- that’s the ORÅ Difference.”

— Vivan Qu

RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In March of 2020, schools throughout the nation closed their doors with no real knowledge of when they would open again. To adapt, many school districts relied on the use of online communication tools, such as Zoom, as well as limited in-person classes with proper social distancing guidelines to offer its classes to students. Despite this adaptation, community colleges experienced a 22% decrease in incoming freshmen enrollment during the Fall 2020 academic period (1). An increase in numbers of Covid-19 vaccinations given all over the country has prompted many schools to reopen more in-person classes by Fall 2021 to combat decreasing attendance and enrollment numbers. However, many question: how safe will students be during this transitional period?

Record-level local and federal government incentives are also helping push the reopening of our schools. President Biden’s American Rescue Plan signed into law on March 11th, 2021 promises $122 Billion to K-12 schools with $81 billion being available immediately to all 50 States, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico. A majority of the largest school districts all over the country are expecting a full reopening of schools by September 2021 including New York and Maryland and Philadelphia.

California Governor Gavin Newsom had a different idea of reopening and signed Assembly and Senate Bill 86 into law in February offering roughly 6.6 billion dollars in incentives to reopen schools by April 1st. With this legislation, $2 billion is allocated to In-Person Learning Grants and $4.6 billion is allocated to Learning Recovery Grants. The bill was passed unanimously in the senate and 71-4 in the assembly.

In an effort to seamlessly and safely transition students from online to in-person classes, Nevada-based Nanofiber product manufacturer ORÅ Brands has partnered with San Jose-based Unibui as one of the only mask manufacturers on the University Marketplace’s catalog to provide quality masks to returning students.

Unibui’s catalog is available for K-12 education, partnered schools (Including San Jose State University and West Valley College) and all Community College Districts throughout the state of California, the largest higher education system in America consisting of 114 Colleges and 2.2 million students. In addition, Unibui is also FERPA and locally compliant in all 50 states, allowing students outside of California access to huge savings on all scholastic needs. Other states can also access the catalog, though additional information is required before product distribution. Student users on Unibui save an average of $2500 yearly.

ORÅ’s domestic production promises a turnaround time in days, compared to weeks from overseas manufacturers. “A key takeaway from this partnership (with Unibui) is that our masks are manufactured here in the United States,” Rani Bungay, ORÅ’s Chief Operations Officer states, “We have better access to oversee production rate and quality control for our products to give users the best protection as soon as possible; no more waiting on competitors’ overseas supply.”

ORA’s mission to “bridge the gap between technology and style, and create sustainable products” is reflected by the science and detail they have put behind the design of their products. Currently, they offer two products: The ORÅ Nano Filter Mask and The ORÅ Disposable Masks. The Nano Filter Mask is a reusable and washable mask with a pocket for their insertable Nanofiber filters. Their Disposable Mask is the disposable version of their Nano Filter Masks made with the same Nanofiber as their filters. “Nanofiber is an exciting new technology and attribute found in our mask filters that plays an extremely huge role in (ORÅ) masks’ beyond 99% efficacy and high breathability” says Vivian Qu, ORÅ’s Chief Product Officer, “Students will be safe AND comfortable wearing our masks as they return to in-person classes- that’s the ORÅ Difference.”

The discussion of when will it be safe to bring students back into the classroom has been a divisive one, though the more important consideration is how to achieve that goal, safely. The CDC’s Operational Strategy for K-12 Phased Prevention recommends that schools providing in person instruction should prioritize two prevention strategies: physical distancing should be maximized to the greatest extent possible and that universal and correct use of masks should be required. ORÅ’s Chief Executive Officer Alvin Sun acknowledges that “The challenge in bringing students safely back into classrooms is not just the implementation of vaccinations but also to uphold social distancing guidelines, including wearing masks, for some time after reopening to supplement vaccinations in fully eliminating the chances of transmission. We hope that this partnership with Unibui ultimately relieves students across the nation of financial worry by having easy and affordable access to our masks.”

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