ON AIR WARNING! Unique Gadget Shows When The Camera and Mic are On – Launches On Kickstarter May 6 2021


On Air Warning™ – Automatic Camera, Mic and Meeting Indicator Light with Software for Zoom Status, Microsoft Teams Status and more

On Air Warning™ is the first double sided, three light video conference indicator alerting you and those nearby of your mic, cam, and online meeting status.

On Air Warning™ – The sign that lights up when the camera’s rolling and the mic is hot.

ON AIR WARNING! is the only device that showcases that the Camera and/or Microphone are on in a Zoom or Microsoft Teams video conference

Jeffery Toobin would still be working at The New Yorker if he had ON AIR WARNING! We all embarrassing virtual meeting stories that could have been prevented with a highly visible device like ours.”

— Michael Vitiello

CARMEL, CA, USA, May 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — ON AIR WARNING! Launches this week on Kickstarter. This innovative device combines customizable software with a portable sign that incorporates three lights to show a computer user’s meeting status: Mic on/off, Cam on/off, Meeting on/off. The software works with Zoom and Microsoft Teams on Mac and Windows. The user can choose from eight colors for each light.

“Jeffery Toobin would still be working at the New Yorker if he had ON AIR WARNING! It seems like everyone has virtual meeting stories about seeing and hearing embarrassing things that could have been prevented by a highly visible device like ours.” – Mike Vitiello

The mounting options allow ON AIR WARNING! to be positioned almost anywhere: clipped to a laptop screen, mounted flat on a desk or shelf, mounted on a tripod or fastened to a monitor. It can even be hung on a wall or cubicle. The double-sided design alerts not just the video conference attendee, but friends, family and co-workers can all see when a meeting is online, and know if the mic and/or cam are on.

Mike Vitiello came up with this idea while working from home with his family of six as they were all trying to stay out of each other’s virtual classes and meetings. “At first, we all ended up doing or saying things that may have embarrassed someone,” said Vitiello. “So then, we would all just avoid each other when there was a computer in use. Once we started testing ON AIR WARNING!, we got back to communicating with each other. My wife might be in a meeting, but I can see her Mic and Cam are off, I know I can approach and ask a quick question. If the kids are in front of their computers, we don’t have to assume they are in online class, On Air Warning! shows us what’s going on!”

Product Specifications:
List Price $59
Kickstarter Launch Price $39

– ON AIR WARNING! Software
– Laptop & Monitor Clamp Mount w/Tripod Thread
– Stationary Desk or Shelf Mount
– USB-C to USB-A Cable
– USB-A to USB-C Adaptor
– Hook and Loop Self Adhesive Fastener

Device Dimensions – 4.3” x 2.5” x 0.75”
Packaged Weight – 7 oz.

Competitive Advantage:
There are many “Mute Buttons” with indicator lights to turn the mic on and off. These devices do not show when the camera is on. And, because they rely on touch, they must be kept close, unlike On Air Warning! that can be mounted “Front and Center” for viewing from all angles.

“Busy Light” devices offer a single-color light to indicate if the computer user is live in Zoom or Teams. These Busy Lights can be programmed to change color to indicate conditions like Available, In a Meeting or, Do Not Disturb. None of them give any indication whether a Mic or Camera are on or off.

ON AIR WARNING! was founded by Michael Vitiello in October, 2020. Vitiello has been an entrepreneur all his life, and currently runs a successful business selling laptop computers into the education market.

The pandemic changed the structure of the Vitiello household. Overnight, the kitchen and dining room turned into video conference stations. Mrs. Vitiello, a teacher, was conducting classes from home. Their two teenagers were attending classes, and two older daughters were managing careers from home. It was a challenging environment because no one knew when the others were in a meeting or engaged in a conversation.

The idea for a device that would let everyone know each other’s status was born while walking by his wife’s desk, numerous times a day, trying to see from a distance if Zoom was opened and if the Camera was on, or the Mic muted. After he could not find an automated device that alerts people when a microphone or camera is on. Vitiello decided to reach out to some trusted friends and pulled together a team to develop the software and design the solution.

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For more information, visit OnAirWarning.com.

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On Air Warning
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