NPI- 5G + Grand Series high power mm-Wave Transmitter 24-40 GHz, + 33 dBm supports AT&T & Verizon 5G Small Cell Testing


New 5G Grand Series mm-Wave Transmitter from Consultix

New 5G Grand Series mm-Wave Transmitter from Consultix

5G mm-Wave CW Testing

White Paper Download of the Risk of not doing Model Calibration at the mm-Wave Bands

New Grand 5G + Consultix Series that now has the highest output power of any mm-Wave Field Transmitter from 24-40GHz with + 33 dBm output sold by DAStronix USA

New Consultix 5G Grand Series “High Power mm-Wave Transmitter” 24-40GHz now with + 33 dBm to support AT&T, Verizon, 5G Small Cell Field Testing.”

— Sam Valdivia

ORALNDO, FLORIDA, USA, April 15, 2021 / — Consultix the leader in VHF, 1, 2 or 4 Port CW DAS Ports, CBRS, Public Safety CW transmitters launches the latest series of its mm-Wave Transmitters called the “Grand 5G” series for indoor or outdoor model tuning for site surveys. This New 5G + “High Power mm-Wave Transmitter” 24-40GHz can now output + 33 dBm based on band frequency to support AT&T, Verizon, 5G Small Cell Field Testing. For indoor testing only please refer to our DUO Series.

With this New High-Power Series, we have solved the necessary EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power) requirements of 41 dBm required to do indoor or outdoor field simulations. Besides its power capabilities, you have the option to buy the 5G Grand Series with best-in-class frequency accuracy option of 0.3 ppm typical. Making it one of the most powerful-accurate CW transmitters for Field Testing without the use of an external amplifiers.

Depending upon which band you are needing to test first this series can purchased from 24-30 GHz. If the need arises to test the upper bands at 36-40 GHz you can upgrade your unit in the field via a keycode option H-5 upgrade. This will keep your capex cost down or it will allow you team to buy multiple units for any combination. With our optional High Gain Omni Directional or Horn Antenna, you can increase your field strength by + 7.5 – 15 dBi up to 40 GHz.
Need battery operation? Order the external BatPack-5G G option. Typical use will last 4-4.5 Hours of continues testing. For short term needs please ask us for an evaluation or month to month rental or finance to own options.

The Risk of Skipping Model Calibration White Paper is available for download. With the Initial deployment of 5G networks at mmWave bands showed promising indications in some aspects while experienced coverage gaps and dead spots in some scenarios. This is not something than can be adequately predicted nor quantified without the aid of real field testing to tune coverage simulations to each venue specifics or different morphologies. Else, this will lead eventually to either extra infrastructure cost or bad user experience -vs. the 5G promise-.

Model calibration has been the safety net of coverage simulation, and hence a standard function in any reliable indoor or outdoor planning software. However, in mmWave case it is becoming a more critical step in order to achieve reliable coverage and decent KPI’s. Propagation studies of sub-6 GHz bands are quite mature however, less knowledge has been obtained yet regarding mmWave propagation particularly inside buildings. So, this article sheds light and analyzes case studies that depict the technical & business impact of skipping this step.

If you want a copy of the white paper, please send us a request at Sales@Dastronixusa.Com or call us at 877-711-1757 to better understand why.

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