novaM heeds call from global stars and announces new social media platforms built on equality, respect and dignity


Thomas Zilliacus: “Social media must take responsibility”

New social media platforms built on Nordic values of respect, equality, humanity and dignity will fight abuse, hate speech and racism

Social media must take responsibility for what is posted and must promote racial and gender equality, democracy, social justice, respect and dignity. Maximizing profits can not be the only driver”

— Thomas Zilliacus

HELSINKI, FINLAND, May 6, 2021 / — In response to calls for a stop to online abuse, racism and hate speech in social media and a weekend boycott of leading social media brands led by global superstars in football and Formula 1 including Lewis Hamilton, Marcus Rashford, Thierry Henry and Raheem Sterling and supported by FA President Prince William, FIFA, Premier League, Women’s Super League and several other leading sport associations, Mobile FutureWorks Group, the global social media group founded by former Nokia executive Thomas Zilliacus today announced the formation of a new social media company, Nordic Values Media Group or novaM.

novaM will directly challenge established social media brands by launching new social media platforms built on respect, gender and racial equality, humanity and dignity.

”Leading social media brands have gone from being platforms where people share positive thoughts and friendly messages to a dark environment increasingly dominated by hate speech, aggression, racism and abuse” says Thomas Zilliacus.

“Commercial giants from the US and China dominate the landscape. They are driven purely by profit maximization, and take no responsibility for the messages that users post on their platforms.”

novaM (Nordic Values Media) will launch new social media platforms that are built on Nordic Values; respect, equality, dignity, diversity, racial harmony, democracy, truth. These are values that are shared by the Nordic countries, a region that consistently ranks top of the world in racial and gender equality, democracy, press freedom, education and quality of life” Thomas Zilliacus adds.

The platforms built by novaM will challenge leading social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“We plan to launch the first platforms by early 2022” Thomas Zilliacus says. “In developing the platforms we will work closely with leading social media influencers including global superstars in sports and entertainment who like us demand a stop to the hate speech, abuse and aggression that leading social media companies continue to allow on their platforms. We will develop a model that will eliminate this.”

Social media companies must take responsibility for what is said on their platforms, and must actively promote racial and gender equality, democracy, social justice, respect and dignity. Maximizing profits can no longer be the only driver for social media” Thomas Zilliacus concludes.

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