Nick Herle – What Are the Qualities of a Good Pilot


Many youngsters aspire to become commercial pilots after graduating from college. They have a passion for taking to the skies in the latest civilian aircraft. They even get the opportunity to visit some of the most exotic places around the world.  However, only a few of them get to fulfill their childhood ambition. Aspirants who do obtain their licenses have certain qualities that they nurture till they achieve their dreams. These attributes help them in becoming successful commercial pilots for a lucrative career ahead.

Nick Herle – Qualities aspirants need to become successful commercial pilots

Nick Herle is a commercial pilot from Florida with years of valuable experience under his belt. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Heli Aviation, Florida, LLC. This is an FAA-certified aviation company specializing in aerial trimming, photography, powerline inspection, and firefighting. The Company even provides aerial sightseeing tours to tourists and flight training to aspirants wishing to become pilots. He also owns and has considerable interest in five other aviation companies. These are Heli Aviation Holding LLC, flyVENTURE LLC, Diamond Helicopters LLC, and LLC.

He says successful commercial pilots come from various backgrounds and nationalities. However, they all have the following common qualities which enable them to excel in the profession:

  • A passion for learning and accepting constructive criticism for self-improvement,
  • A willingness to study and train hard for long hours for many days,
  • Ability to retain their calmness under the most stressful situations,
  • Good communication skills when coordinating with ground control personnel, flight attendants and co-pilots,
  • Willingness to make split-second decisions when facing emergencies during a flight,
  • Being attentive when handling the control panels within the cockpit,
  • Having a high sense of integrity to ensure their passengers reach their destinations safely,
  • Exemplary leadership skills when giving instructions to the co-pilots,
  • Meticulous studying the latest navigation and weather charts before a flight, and
  • Having respect for all the aircraft they fly.

How to become a commercial pilot?

Aspirants who want to pursue a career as a commercial pilot need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree with a major in physics, engineering, mathematics, and English,
  • Acquire 2500 hours of flight experience from any FAA-approved flying school,
  • Pass an FAA-certified written exam and instrument flying rating test to get a license,
  • Successfully pass a medical test to show they have good hearing and 20/20 vision,
  • Pass the aptitude, physical and psychological tests which airline companies stipulate, and
  • Complete an additional 25 hours of flight training over eight weeks on gaining employment.

In the opinion of Nick Herle many young aspirants want to become commercial pilots. However, to accomplish their goal, they need to fulfill certain conditions. They need to have a bachelor’s degree and acquire 2500 hours of flight experience. They should even successfully pass all of their FAA-certified written and medical exams. Above all, they should exhibit certain qualities to excel in this profession. These include a willingness to learn, remain calm in stressful situations, good communication, and leadership skills. They should even be willing to take split-second decisions in emergency scenarios. Above all, they should respect the aircraft and be attentive when handling their controls to become successful professionals in their field of work.