New tools to help children become happier and more active through Yoga and Mindfulness


The mats have a sequence of yoga poses embossed directly on the mat – just unroll it and you’re ready to Ommm!

The pandemic has taken its toll on children’s mental and physical health, Soul Mates® is here to activate their bodies and calm their minds.

The Mindfulness Story Pillow has a simple meditation for children, the audio is activated when pressed, giving children the opportunity to manage their own emotions in their own space.

The pandemic has taken its toll on children’s mental and physical health. Soul Mates® is here to help them by activating their bodies and calming their minds.

I felt compelled to develop a Yoga and Mindfulness programme, especially now because of the harsh effects of the pandemic on kids’ mental and physical health.”

— Amy Holden: Perinatal psychologist and founder of World Alive.

BARCELONA, CATALONIA, SPAIN, April 29, 2021 / — World Alive S.L. are the creators of the top selling toy brand Aqua Dragons, ‘hatch and grow live aquatic pets’ and are now launching the new eco-lifestyle children’s brand Soul Mates®.

The pandemic has taken its toll on children’s mental and physical health. Amy Holden, perinatal psychologist, mindfulness teacher and founder of children’s brands company World Alive S.L. has designed and created Soul Mates®, a range of products aimed at helping them to improve their health and wellness, by activating their bodies and calming their minds, reducing the effects of inactivity and excessive use of screens. With this innovative project, World Alive S.L. aims to join the exciting trend in wellbeing towards yoga and mindfulness, making these practices into fun games for children from two years and up.

The concept of mindful toys is new and innovative. Mostly toys serve to entertain but in this case they have been created not only to do that but also to develop both somatic and emotional growth, making them a unique proposition. This makes them powerful tools, which help mums and dads in the challenging task of parenting.

Managing frustrations, fears, anger, difficult emotions, learning to calm oneself and to sleep alone, or simply to have a good attitude are some of the benefits that this brand has been developed to provide for children.

Amy has created five nature-based characters, Sun, Moon, Cloud, Wave and Earth or “The Soul Mates®” who each embody different mindful superpowers, which they can share with you. Positive attitude, connection, resilience, patience, gratitude, courage and calm are just some.

The fun and endearing characters are at the centre of the Soul Mates® programme, which consists of yoga and mindfulness activities inspired by nature. These are implemented through a series of mindfulness children’s stories, a children’s yoga app that turns yoga into a fun game, and lots of “Ommmazing Activities” that are available through email subscription.

There is a range of toys to support children’s physical play, use of breath, noticing and regulating their feelings and to promote a positive attitude – they don’t need to understand the intellectual concepts behind yoga and mindfulness to become active and aware and so benefit from using them.

All of the products now launched are themed with Soul Mates® characters;

Child sized eco yoga mats.
When it’s time for physical activity, Soul Mates ® Kids Eco Yoga Mats encourage free play with suggested yoga poses embossed directly onto the mat. Children don’t need an instructor or to follow complicated instructions, they can simply unroll them and begin to experiment. Each of the four mats in the range includes different yoga poses from the Sun and Moon Salutations to poses inspired by nature and the world around us.

Mindfulness story pillows
The mindfulness story pillows create a completely unique way for small children to discover mindfulness. The five characters are plush toys that include a simple breathing exercise and a creative visualisation as part of the story. The audio is activated by giving the pillow a gentle hug, so that they can listen wherever and whenever they like.

Soul Mates illustrated storybooks
Illustrated books that contain creative visualisations and short mindfulness practices within the fun and adorable children’s stories. Kids of two and up will love these and will also learn mindfulness superpowers. Available now on Amazon.

– Yoga cards

– Free yoga game app, Soul Mates Kids Yoga Spinner
– Free kids’ yoga classes available on the YouTube channel.

The Soul Mates developer Amy Holden:
“Motivated by my own motherhood, and my personal practise in yoga and thinking of how much healthier kids can be if they are able to acquire a mindful lifestyle early, I actively searched for, but was unable to find kids’ yoga and mindfulness products or programmes, for my own kids. So, I felt compelled to develop a programme, especially now because of the harsh effects of the pandemic on kids’ mental and physical health. . This project is very close to my heart and is the culmination of many years of study in perinatal psychology, child development, yoga and mindfulness practise. My own children have been integral teachers and testers in the development process and we’ve seen how helpful and joyful it has been for them to play with the Soul Mates characters.”
“My goal was to create fun, healthy toys for kids to play by themselves, with family or in a group that is caring for the environment too, and I believe we have successfully done that. Aware of how most toys quickly end up in landfill, it is our objective to develop toys with an extended play pattern that are healthy, educational and ecological. We call this caring for the planet and caring for yourself”

The Soul Mates® launch will be supported by a communication campaign that includes well-known influencers. Product prices are very competitive and accessible. The products will be sold through specialist retailers in the toy, sport and yoga sectors as well as in department stores. They will also be sold in the education sector and to children’s yoga teachers who would like to provide a programme and the accessories to their students.

Wholesale and Factory Sales
We are looking for distribution partners! Soul Mates products are currently available in the European Union directly through World Alive S.L. As trade shows are currently suspended, you can receive a personalised presentation and order samples by contacting for more information.

Soul Mates® branded products are now available online through or Amazon or all of its European platforms, in EurekaKids, Drim and Toys R Us.

Marketing & Collaborations: Lucie Lanham

Wholesale: Mariona Casas

Distribution / licenses: Amy Holden

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