Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem stresses antiquated or lax approach dramatically increases company and executive risk

MADISON, WI, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2021 / — A two-year study by Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem discovered the degree to which traditional approaches commonly used in strategic planning no longer work and why. Also among the major conclusions is how this dramatically increases risk for both a company and its executives.

Among the eight major findings from the study:
-Many executives assume they are strat planning when it’s actually just annual operational planning. This means many companies are not getting the “future-proofing” they think they are.
Eight all-too-common blindspots result in plans not being very strategic and the planning team often paralyzed by squabbling and indecision.
-When the planning team is in disarray, or when companies have no clear process for strat planning, executives cite unproductive planning meetings; find reasons to avoid planning, not participate. Or they just pull out a plan to use as a template, changing a few numbers and a paragraph or two. Such lack of rigor doesn’t result in anything very strategic even though the company’s future depends on it.
-Because they originated in time when the pace of change was slower, the business world less complex and categories were static, traditional strat planning approaches are now antiquated; no match for the future companies, brands and their leaders how face.
-A new approach to strat planning is desperately needed: One clear and easy to follow. One that’s rigorous but honors the limited amount of time busy executives can devote to it.

Findings from their study prompted LF&S to do additional research and then craft, pilot, vet and perfect a “new and improved approach to strat planning. The approach was also informed by the experience of Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem CEO Marsha Lindsay: As the CEO of a national marketing firm for three decades, she led or participated in strat planning for her clients. Her insights also come from over two decades of experience serving as a Director on the fiduciary boards of national/regional companies and non-profits.

Lindsay says she designed the new approach to maximize the odds that a company or brand will be viable, competitive, growing and profitable over the next 3 – 5 years. Executives learning and applying the new approach praise the way it addresses and mitigates the serious risks the research revealed concerning how most companies now do strat planning. They also cite the clarity and ease of applying the new “how-to.” And how they enjoyed the effort despite the rigor of the new approach. They also report that resulting plans are particularly strategic and promising in their effectiveness.

The president of Northcentral College testifies: “Marsha’s unique and transformative methods helped us hone our vision while becoming more efficient and effective in the strategic planning process.“

The research informing the new approach included an audit of the major literature on the topic including that from major consulting firms, graduate schools of business and others’ studies (such as the National Association of Corporate Directors); interviews with Lindsay Foresight & Stratagems clients, the firm’s own think tank along with other top executives.

Marketplace demand to learn the new approach has grown so the firm is launching two MasterClasses through which C-Suite executives and Board Directors can learn it. Curriculum covers:

-The benefits of strat planning and costs of doing it in a lax, out of date or non-rigorous way.
-Study findings on typical strat planning issues; common vulnerabilities and blindspots to avoid along with “how-to.”
-The difference between strat planning and operational planning.
-The new and improved strat planning method including how to now account for core values, company purpose and brand positioning along with emerging marketplace dynamics.
-Best practices and techniques to excel at strat planning including how to align those doing the plan and executing it.

MasterClass offered in half and full days. While they share the same curriculum, the longer class allows discussion time for the learning to be applied specifically to a company or brand. It is also customized by research done exclusively for the company execs participating and concludes with their honing in and aligning on a major breakthrough that jumpstarts their actual plan.

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Amanda Veith
Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem