New Remint App Offers Innovative Cryptocurrency Focused On Real Estate


Max Hellström

Remint, a new mobile app will allow users to mine a new cryptocurrency on their phone and use it for real estate transactions.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, April 30, 2021 / — Remint has just launched their mobile app, the first step in a plan to create a new real estate cryptocurrency. Users can mine the cryptocurrency on their phones and join a growing global community and market. As the community grows, the team will move towards the Real Estate updates, eventually making remint go public on the market, and transforming the app into a real estate marketplace.

The development of the app and currency is set to occur in three phases. The first phase will focus on building up the user base and improving the app, and will allow users to mine the coin at a higher rate. During phase two, the mining rate will be lowered, as the creators begin developing the real estate update, which will allow users to rent properties using remint as the main currency. Phase three will allow users to withdraw coins mined, or store them in the app as a wallet. This phase will also include the start of the investing period, publishing the cryptocurrency to main markets, and making it tradeable to the public.

“Our initial launch was successful, gaining five hundred new users in the first twenty-four hours,” said founder Max Hellström. “Users are already mining coin and joining a growing base that will eventually allow them to participate in a new, cryptocurrency-based real estate market.”

The app was created by Max Hellström and Anton Broman, both banking and finance professionals with extensive experience in the industry. The app uses cloud-based mining, allowing it to use minimal battery power and generate value in an eco-friendly way.

Remint is currently available on the Google Play store, and more information about the currency and development plan can be accessed at

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