New OPUS Video “Fake Or True”


The Austrian “Live Is Life” band releases an ornate video

GRAZ, STYRIA, AUSTRIA, May 5, 2021 / — For the video shoot of the new Opus song ‘Fake Or True’, the band members had an ambitious vision in mind: reviewing the group’s own history is all well and good, but wouldn’t it be amazing to slip into the crisp figure of yourself 36 years younger, doing cartwheels across the stage again…? Nothing easier than that, in times of “Deepfake” and seemingly unlimited digital possibilities…

As it turned out, however, we didn’t want to afford the costs for the London animation team doing the whole video, and anyway, why not quickly put on the old overalls and try doing some cartwheels ourselves? Together with Johann Steinegger / Postl Film and our companions from back then (Niki Gruber, Günter Timischl), we took a little trip back in time to the “Live Is Life” video shoot from February 1985, and it was obviously a lot of fun! Now it’s time to share this joy with you:

We are really looking forward to seeing you again at one of our live events on the Goodbye Tour and to celebrate goodbyes together!

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