New High Power 5G CW C-BAND & CBRS Mini Safari Transmitter from Consultix now available from DAStronix USA


New Mini Safari C-Band, CBRS High Power CW Transmitter up to 10 Watts

C-BAND & CBRS Configurations and Specifications

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The Mini Safari CW™ Transmitter is a hand-held high-power signal generator engineered for field applications for propagation studies, and small cell planning.

CW transmitters up to 4 Ports 4G, 5G mm-Wave Small Cell, Walk, Drive receivers, Fiber Optic T&M for DAS, ODAS, IBW, CBRS, CBAND, LTE, and DAS Monitoring via a cloud based troubleshooting tool.”

— Sam Valdivia

ORALNDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2021 / — Consultix the leader in CW Transmitter is ready for all the new Cellular Frequency bands being deployed. This portable transmitter is available in two different versions, 10-Watts or 5 Watts. The 5 Watt version comes in a single-port model (Mini-Safari-1) or a Dual-Port model (Mini-Safari-2). The 2 Ports are identical and each port covers the full range frequency bands from 150 MHz to 2.7 GHz with 5 Watt output power and delivers the necessary 2 Watt output at the 3.5 GHz band to support the CBRS Class A deployments.

The new 10 Watt model (Mini-Safari-1CB) comes as a single port transmitter delivering 10 Watts across the whole frequency from 600 MHz to 4.2 GHz to cover the new C-BAND blocks A-B-C. Just in time for the Carriers Block A test trials starting in selected key areas. Hence you can now cover Public Band Safety Bands, All Cellular with one device.

The system is based on Consultix flag ship transmitter WTX-35B series that has dominated the 1, 2 and (the only 4 Port DAS transmitter) available in the market. The GUI is very user friendly for which thousands of customers having being using for years of use.

It’s IP 65 ratting will protect against water and dust when the lid is close during operation. With all the feature this series was built for cost efficiency in mind.
We encourage all the Carriers, 3 PO’s and all of its General Contractors to put this series to the test.

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