New Dirty John Directory Aims to Protect Women from Online Predators


New database fills in the gaps of where the court system leaves off so women can safely date online and protect themselves from men with a DV history

SEATTLE, WA, USA, May 4, 2021 / — Online dating is exciting but can also be scary – who is the real person behind the profile? According to a new study from the University of Pennsylvania published in the journal of Preventive Medicine, women who date are more likely to be in danger of domestic abuse than married women — and have fewer protections. Not only do people meet each other more frequently online, but fewer social safety nets exist to warn new partners of past abuse. Not anymore. Today, Ex-Wives Undercover, announce the launch of a new Dirty John Directory to help protect women from online predators—providing a centralized place to find out the truth about a potential date, from restraining orders and domestic violence to whether they’re married or have children.

“It’s great that some court records are available to the public, but there are still many glitches that work in favor of predatory men,” said Amber R., co-creator of Ex-Wives Undercover. “What if a file is sealed? What if you don’t know the state or county to look under? What if a man uses a fake name? These are all things that make it exceedingly difficult to find out the truth. So, until a change is made in the court systems, our directory is designed to help women take their power back and help spread the word to protect one another.”

– The first, and only, Dirty John Directory that exists today. Women can anonymously nominate a Dirty John by filling out the contact form located on the Ex-Wives Undercover website. Once vetted and confirmed of the allegations (via court records) they will be added to the directory.

– Safe and anonymous place to warn other women of predatory men. In addition to the public Dirty John Directory, there is a private Facebook group of the same name for discussion, ask questions and connect with other women.

– What’s next? Soon, Ex-Wives Undercover hopes to work with a developer to create an app that will tie directly into the courts that can be updated in real-time with photos, case numbers etc.

“The pain my family has endured after the death of my sister this past year [from an act of domestic violence] has only fueled my determination to make sure other woman are educated on the very real predatory threat that surrounds online dating,” said Athena K., co-creator of Ex-Wives Undercover. “My sister should have had access to a free public resource site where she could have checked for the domestic violence record of a man she was about to meet. Maybe then my sister would still be alive.”

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