New Design Technology Disrupts & Improves Traditional Exterior Home Remodeling Process

Top image shows a tired red brick house with small windows and a dark entryway.  Bottom image shows this house transformed by Dzinly with new paint, bigger windows, a new entryway and flower boxes.

Dzinly’s rendered image lets the homeowner visualize what exterior upgrades will look like, before investing money in any projects.

We take the guesswork out of picking paint colors and exterior materials. With Dzinly you can visualize brand name colors, materials and architectural changes before they are implemented.”

— Matt Mosher

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA, April 13, 2021 / — Dzinly is pioneering a way to virtually explore and experiment with color palettes, lighting, building materials and upgrades like adding on a portico, porch, or pergola while simultaneously solving one of the most time-consuming, frustrating and expensive components of house renovation: quickly and affordably visualizing what these updates will actually look like on your home.

Traditionally, homeowners meet with designers or builders to share their goals and inspirations for renovation projects, determine the right color combination for their home’s exterior and narrow down the best materials such as brick, stone, steel or wood. From there, an architectural rendering provides an idea of the finished product, but the process typically takes weeks and potentially costs thousands of dollars.

Do-it-yourselfers often approach home renovation by taping color swatches to shutters, trim or front doors or investing in several rounds of paint samples before arriving at what they think is the right choice. If tackling masonry, the trial-by-error and the back and forth to the hardware store or stone yard can seem endless.

In both instances, homeowners often struggle with visualizing what the finished product will in fact look like, and are often shocked or unhappy when they see it completed.

“We take the guesswork out of picking paint colors and help homeowners understand the nuances of their choice of exterior material,“ said Dzinly co-founder Matt Mosher. “With Dzinly you can visualize brand name colors, materials, accents and architectural changes before they are implemented and move forward with confidence whether improving curb appeal for your own enjoyment, fast-tracking zoning or HOA approval or imagining a home’s potential before selling or buying.”

Simply upload a photo or plans of your house and share inspirations and ideas. Design experts will suggest recommendations for your home’s exterior, and a personal design coordinator will narrow down and present the best three options to you. You then decide which design palette you want to see rendered on your home.

Within two business days of selecting your choice, you will receive life-like virtual renderings directly to your laptop that show your home’s new design. You can toggle between materials, architectural elements, and colors and experiment until you find the perfect design.

Since Dzinly’s renderings include actual brand name products there is further clarity on what improvements will look like and cost.

Dzinly also empowers residential remodeling professionals and other industry specialists whose work depends on helping clients visualize what remodeling will look like by equipping them with design tools that deliver precise renderings quickly and affordably.

Dzinly offers classic design packages for $99, premium packages for $199 and professional membership for $165/month.

See how it works and why people love it.

About Dzinly
Dzinly is pioneering a way to simply and affordably reimagine a home’s exterior with precision. Its technology platform offers a foolproof way to unlock a home’s full potential by helping homeowners identify the perfect palette of colors, building materials, and design ideas. Through its virtual renderings, visualizing exactly what a finished project will look like is possible before committing to color, construction and cost. Dzinly is intended for homeowners, residential home remodeling professionals, real estate agents and other industry specialists. It is the brainchild of award-winning landscape and exterior designer Matt Mosher and technology visualization experts Robert Pryzma and Carlos Aleman.

Molly Boyle
Front Porch Media Group