My Body, My Choice Identifies Potential Illegal and Unethical Actions At Trader Joe’s


Organization Advocates Health Freedom

“No company is above the law.”. “We are not asking for special treatment, we are merely asking that Trader Joe’s comply with the law.”

— Allan Stevo

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / — My Body, My Choice, a California Based Health Freedom Organization announced that it contacted executives at Trader Joe’s asking them to explain the claims of disability discrimination made against them and insisting that Trader Joe’s make all of its policies around face masks public. The organization stated that Trader Joe’s may be acting illegally and unethically in its face mask policy. Members of My Body, My Choice contacted Executive Director Allan Stevo over the Trader Joe’s refusal to allow customers to invoke legal exemptions from wearing face masks in the establishment. Stevo has demanded from Trader Joe’s, its written policy around face masks and also any documentation around how employees are trained to handle exemptions when invoked by a customer. He is also demanding to know why employees of Trader Joes are also unable to invoke legal exemptions to wearing face masks. The United States has a long history avoiding one-size-fits-all approaches and making clear individual accommodation when it comes to ability and disability, medical advantages and disadvantages, psychological conditions and psychological benefits, and that includes legal exemptions for face masks he noted.

“No company is above the law,” said Allan Stevo. “We are not asking for special treatment, we are merely asking that Trader Joe’s comply with the law. The public deserves open source customer and employee policies, in which transparency is paramount, so customers can know where they stand and how to comply. I call upon Trader Joe’s to respond to our request and make sure the law is carried out as it was intended to be.”

About Allan Stevo

Allan Stevo has been a tireless advocate for more fair treatment of individuals under the law for over two decades. From the disabled to those with severe medical conditions, Stevo has pushed for individualized approaches, rather than the one-size-fits-all treatment our institution often foists upon those most in need. Face Masks in One Lesson demonstrates how and why that individualized, patient-centric approach must be continued for the benefit of those most in need.

He has spoken to audiences at the University of Chicago, MIT, and dozens of other top schools in the US and around the world. In 2012, he became a bestselling author and in 2014, a syndicated columnist.
His writing has appeared widely in publications as diverse as: The Hill, Roll Call, The Daily
Caller, Economic Policy Journal,, The Tenth Amendment Center, and The
Daily Bell, in print publications such as The New York Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Buffalo News, Anchorage Press, Lexington Leader, Epoch Times, Nevada Legal Review, and at think-tanks such as the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, The Cobden Center,, and many others.

Stevo’s influential writing has been described as “a precedence of sanity,” “the truth in print,” and “a beacon of liberty.” Stevo’s been described as “one of the rare individuals who operate under reason and logic.” Reading Face Masks in One Lesson “might be the most important thing you can do for yourself, your family, and your country,” writes Professor Robert Wright.

“What does Stevo’s writing mean to me?” asks Dr. Walter Block “All the world.”
Stevo’s Face Masks in One Lesson provides the ultimate response to mandatory masking and is an irreplaceable tool for those who will not go masked another day.

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