Musk’s Neuralink Chips Leave Your Brain Vulnerable to Hackers


Elon Musk’s brain chip project linking human to computers runs the risk of being hacked and allowing thieves to steal thoughts and memories, according to experts.

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) have the vulnerabilities of most computer technology, but with the inherent risk of doing irreparable harm to the human brain, ZDNet reported.

“What type of damage will [an attack] do to the brain?” Waterford Institute of Technology’s Telecommunication Software and Systems Group (TSSG) research director Dr. Sasitharan Balasubramaniam told ZDnet. “Will it erase your skills or disrupt your skills?

“What are the consequences – would they come in the form of just new information put into the brain, or would it even go down to the level of damaging neurons that then leads to a rewiring process within the brain that then disrupts your thinking?

“It’s not only at the information level, it could also be the physical damage as well.”

The technology has been created to help humans function, but in contrast they could be maliciously used to cause dysfunction.

“BCIs have the potential to change the brain of the user,” neurotechnology company Bitbrain co-founder and CSO Javier Mínguez told ZDNet, referring to the facilitating of motor or cognitive improvements to people with disabilities. “To preserve the physical and mental integrity of the user, BCI systems need to ensure that no unauthorized person can modify their functioning.

“The more accurate and powerful a BCI is, the higher the risk could be.”Related Stories:

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