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Fun Learning is Serious Business – in an era where the goldfish has more attention span than humans, maybe games can unlock some unsuspected results.

DUBAI, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, May 10, 2021 / — Multiplayer Team Training – a platform by Pixelhunters – is all set to revolutionize the eLearning approach by combining the power of Microlearning with the use of games.

Why Microlearning?

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, things are changing abruptly. The companies have to adopt the ‘work from home’ approach, while the schools have to set up online classroom sessions and LMS. Even the events and trainings have gone virtual.
The result – lack of in-person communication, social interaction, and team bonding.
And most importantly, these virtual environments have affected the motivation and engagement factors among individuals.
People find it difficult to self-motivate while going through long learning modules or the video training provided by their company.
Furthermore, most of the online learning platforms are video-based, which doesn’t allow the repetition of information. Thus, the learners are more likely to forget 75% of information within a week after watching the video if they don’t practice what they have learned online.
That’s why researchers suggest microlearning and repeatedly practicing the knowledge gained to retain the information for long. The more we repeat and practice the information, the more likely it is to end up in long-term memory.

What Happens When Microlearning is Combined With Game-based Practicing and Assessments?

Games are something that everybody loves to play. Even young kids get addicted to playing video games. Because games provide an environment where we have to follow some rules, face challenges, and achieve a goal. The sense of achieving something is what keeps us focused and engaged in what we do.
When this motivational psychology behind games is used effectively and repeatedly in the microlearning approach, it can massively change the learning behavior among students and learners.
This strategy can be further implemented in virtual classroom setups and training platforms to promote collaboration and group interaction among learners. Game-based learning practices and fun activities in the group to achieve a goal can be an effective way to build team motivation and engagement. This is what Multiplayer Team Training is offering through their platform.

Multiplayer Team Training Games: Microlearning, Teambuilding, & Group Motivation

The one-of-its-kind game-based educational platform of Multiplayer Team Training is specially designed and developed to expand learning and business/event trainings strategies by combining microlearning with the use of games.
With over 14 games, the platform covers different learning environments and types of learners. The gamified modules can be adapted to the player specifics that are suitable for either Distance Learning or Real Classroom/Event Setup.

Real Classroom/Event Setup

The Real Classroom/Event Set-up requires no internet connection and the games can be played offline. This solution is very suitable for schools, classrooms, training centers, company/office workshops, or any live learning space. In this setup, the Platform runs in a special mode where an instructor/trainer leads the gaming experience.
This setup can also be purchased as a full event set-up, inclusive of tablets, promoter, and stand-building.

Distance Learning Setup

The Distance Learning setup comprises of multiplayer games that can be played online with anyone from anywhere. It supports competition within a team and between different teams. 80% of the games support single player mode too. There are different packages for business, schools, events and multiple promo packs are published frequently.
The Multiplayer Team Training platform supports quiz learning/assessment content and can be mixed with text, video, and images formats. Each game available is categorized based on the gameplay, including synchronous gameplay, asynchronous gameplay, turn-based gameplay, and memory-based gameplay. The notable factor of the games is the winning strategy that is implemented with the focus on knowledge delivery.
The instructors/promoters can select from the ready content or get their content plugged into the multiplayer games, set the learning metrics, and achieve the desired outcome from their teams based on competition or collaboration. Through fun-training and assessment tools, the instructors can assess the learning progress of the individuals and the team.
The multiplayer games offered by the platform provide a team building and team bonding experience combined with learning opportunities. The game-learning solutions are quite suitable for training centers, company workshops, schools, or any live learning space.
The collaborative games on the platform provide an engaging and fun way to induce group motivation. When the colleagues in an office or the students in the class have to do something together to achieve a combined goal, they interact and motivate each other to reach the goal. This improves group motivation immensely.

Knowledge Empowerment Through Games – Calling the Future

The Multiplayer Team Training platform offers a flexible and easy-to-customize solution to encourage group interaction and motivation and enhance the efficiency and productivity of people at work or in class.
With this platform any physical learning environment can be transformed into a virtual gamified one, so you can replace all your boring virtual event elements with gaming elements, healthy team competition, and a lot of fun.
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About Pixelhunters

As Pixelhunters, the developer behind Multiplayer Team Training, we possess an extensive 12 years’ experience in game development, gamification, content creation (2D & 3D Animation), and the latest AR/VR technologies. Before the Multiplayer Team Training platform, we have developed and deployed 2 VR-based educational platforms for governments. Moreover, we have expertise in corporate gamification and entertaining games segment.
To empower knowledge and learning using innovative technology solutions, we fostered the Multiplayer Team Training platform, an emerging and revolutionary method to educate and train the people, where traditional training methods may fail to inspire.
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