Mother & Baby Magazine name parenting coach Harriet Crouch of Mini Explorers Consultancy as Mum Influencer 2021

Mini Explorer Consultancy logo of a children's drawing with words Parent Guide to Promoting Positive Behaviour

Parenting Guide to: Promoting Positive Behaviour by Harriet Crouch,

Photo from Mother and Baby Influencer Mum list 2021 with parenting coach Harriet Crouch and baby Margot with details about her Mini Explorer Childcare Consultancy and toddler son Fred

Mother and Baby Influencer Mum list 2021 Harriet Crouch and baby Margot

Photo of Parenting Coach and influencer 2021 Harriet Crouch founder of Mini Explorers Consultancy playing in a garden with a small girl

Parenting Coach Harriet Crouch, founder of Mini Explorers Consultancy

The British childcare guru and mum, Harriet Crouch who helps empower parents has been voted as a top inspirational mum in 2021

Throw out the Rule Book, get muddy with your kids rolling down a hill on a rainy day. Watch your child’s confidence grow. And with that confidence comes respect for Mother Nature and for mum and dad.”

— Harriet Crouch, Parental Coach, Mini Explorers Childcare

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 13, 2021 / — Providing practical help on how to survive a new born baby and advice on the best ways to promote positive behaviour in a lively toddler are just two vital skills that led followers of parenting coach Harriet Crouch to vote for her as a mum influencer of 2021.

Inspired by the wonderful results she experienced from techniques she used in her nurseries in the United Kingdom and Europe, childcare expert Harriet founded the Mini Explorer Consultancy to help parents to overcome everyday dilemmas and build super relationships with their little ones.

Accolades and applause from parents who have applied Harriet’s tips and seen rapid improvements in the behaviour of their babies and toddlers speaks volumes. In recognising Harriet for the honour, Mother & Baby told how Harriet also shares the reality of mothering a 2-year-old and a 4-month-old and how her online page ‘makes us feel unbelievably normal’. Harriet’s smile is also infectious and her toddlers Fred and gorgeous baby Margot will also set your heart beating.

So what are the rules for getting little ones to do what you’d like without always having to say no? “Throw out the Rule Book!’ exclaims Harriet and “Get muddy” she says. Unconventional as it may sound, her advice couldn’t be more natural as Harriet explains how getting tiny tots outdoors experiencing nature, be that rolling down a muddy hill on a rainy day or chatting with a goat in a field is an age old secret to building your child’s confidence. And with that confidence comes respect for Mother Nature and for mum and dad.

Parents still have to set boundaries for their kids, and knowing how to do this well is key to Harriet’s philosophy and teachings. The terrible two’s can be a really tough time for parents and little ones, especially when you’re in Lockdown and working from home during a pandemic as many families have found themselves. A frequently asked question of Harriet is, ‘How do you manage tantrums?’ She explains the secret is to, “Act in a calm and confident way, and watch the improvement in behaviour”.

Harriet’s website and Instagram page has lots of practical advice on things like, ‘Why children behave in certain ways such as biting, hitting and throwing and how to manage them effectively’. She also covers how you can encourage your little one to share. The free and paid for practical guides to these and other parental tips like potty training are also supported by ‘How to’ videos, personal advice and training sessions.

Congratulations Harriet and a huge thank you from everyone you help.

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