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Monika Bendner

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NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 4, 2021 / — Through a digital overlay and collage process, award-winning master artist Monika Bendner creates multilayered, surrealistic experiences through a combination of photographic prints and mixed media. Her compositions which are printed on a variety of materials, create a narrative that evokes emotions and multiple responses from her viewers;

With a background in photographic design, Monika Bendner’s work has transformed as she’s entered different phases of her growth and development as an artist over her active career. Her use of abstract lines and shapes conveys movement in their dimensionality, and her bold, rich, textured application of color emanates meaning through their saturation.

Viscerally recognizable through their intensity and layers, Bendner’s work is diverse and unconventional due to her various materials, methods, and techniques. She creates her work using various alternating combinations of the canvas, metallic photo printing, acrylic, glass, photography, and found objects.

Her metallic photographic prints are layered and expressed outside of time and space. She brings images into hyper-real kaleidoscope imagery pressed behind a thick acrylic/glass amalgamation. Works such as ‘Frieden: nur mit geklonten wesen’ (Peace: only with Cloned Beings) provide a glimpse into her message. With the common motif of a figurative hand layered in most of her collections, she leaves her work open for interpretation. Bendner created critiques on modern femininity and definitions of beauty in her Modenschau (Fashion Show) series, with powerful pieces such as In der Maske, Mannequin, Anprobe (Try On). Her powerful stand-alone work Boxenluder (Grit Girl).

Visually connecting disparate elements and creating a visually stunning image is the hallmark feature of Bendner’s work throughout her metamorphosis. Her collections of impressive, starkly captivating imagery continue to be thought-provoking and stimulate audiences around the world.

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