Moms Mishn 30- Day Challenge Motivates Mothers to Practice Self-Care


Michelle, Mama Mish, Creator of Moms Mish’n.

The challenge begins May 9th. The free downloadable PDF, Moms Mish 30- Day Self Care Challenge, encourages Mothers to devote more time for themselves.

Sometimes as moms we forget who we were before kids”

— Michelle Marrero

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2021 / — As Mother’s Day approaches many are off seeking gifts for the mothers in their lives. However, out of the many options available to them, one of the hardest things for a mother to obtain is simply just a little more time to themselves. Moms Mish’n 30- Day Self Care Journal offers a menu of ways mothers can practice self-care. The purpose is to allow moms to choose what they do each day. Then, document in the journal what “mishn” was accomplished. By allowing individuals to choose the Mish’n and document the outcome, the journal enforces a regular self-care routine.

Mothers tend to do everything for everyone else other than themselves on a daily basis. Some often lose sight of who they were before becoming a mother. Self-care plays a huge part in overall mental health awareness. In order to take care of others, we must take care of ourselves first.

Michelle, the creator of Moms Mish’n, brings to light her experiences as a mother. She opens up about her battles with postpartum depression. Michelle, the mother of two daughters, started her blog with the hopes of not only bringing together a community of strong women but to set an example for her young children. In a recent blog post, she states, “It was very hard for me at first to accept help. I have always been independent and I didn’t “need” anyone helping me. It made me feel like a failure. My biggest fear was my child not wanting me and wanting the other person for comfort.” She goes on to express, “A lot of times the reasons many new mothers fall into the path of postpartum depression is because we lose control.” Michelle has always had a passion for uplifting others. Moms Mish’n was built to help moms accomplish goals, one mishn at a time.

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