Midlife Crisis? Here’s Your Perfect Guide to Dealing with It


Although a good fragment of women worldwide has finally succeeded in getting their basic rights, many continue being oppressed. Irrespective of which race, ethnicity, or background you belong to, women have had to fight the longest battles in society, especially if they belonged to the black community.

Think about yourself: you spend countless years fighting to breathe the same air as the opposite gender, only to be struck with a midlife crisis that takes you back to square one. Every black woman is hit with a midlife crisis that shatters their confidence and leaves them feeling like they aren’t good enough. 

When the panic of this crisis sets in, it affects our mental health, and countless black women experience anxiety and slip into depression. However, there’s one person that truly has gone out of their way to help these women.

We’ve always seen superheroes wear capes, but this one doesn’t wear one and is black and a woman. We’re talking about the beauty and brains behind Black Girls On The Go® (BGOTG)—Shay Sane. 

Here is how BGOTG has been helping black women deal with their midlife crises. 

BGOTG: A Revolutionary Platform

Black Girls On The Go® is recognized as a leading wellness platform with an inspiring mission. Initiated and managed by Shay Sane, BGOTG was brought into being to solely help the beautiful but troubled ladies in the black community. 

Throughout a black woman’s life, they face troubles that impact their mental health. Unfortunately, these women have no time to focus on themselves; that’s what BGOTG aims to change. Black Girls On The Go® provides women of the black community with a nurturing environment where they can identify, discuss, and work on their mental health problems.

BGOTG is known for employing a unique and invigorating approach to improving mental health for women of the black community. Therefore, this platform is where Black women from diverse backgrounds come together to share their struggles instead of hiding their pain behind fake smiles. 

In addition, BGOTG is big on traveling as the owner, Shay Sane, believes exploring new places can be an excellent way to blow off steam and boost mental health. 

Combat Your Midlife Crisis with BGOTG

The simplest way to handle a midlife crisis is by taking a journey to improve your mental health and restore your self-esteem, which is what BGOTG does. BGOTG provides unconditional support for black women who are struggling by helping them follow their traveling dreams and engaging in events that cater to their physical and mental well-being. 

As a result, you can smoothly cope with your midlife crises as a black woman by learning that you aren’t alone in this drive; they are many others. Through this platform, you can get familiar with other black women, get to know their stories, and find the motivation and support to deal with your crisis. 

Thanks to Shay Sane’s initiatives, BGOTG has emerged as a safe environment for black women dealing with all sorts of crises and mental health problems. So, when women walk through this space, they leave their judgments outside and embrace other women with open arms. 

Join this platform to embark upon this life-altering journey to improved mental health.