Michigan Chiropractor Scott Zack Presents Practice Marketing Tips


Acclaimed chiropractor Scott Zack showcases his top marketing-focused tips for practice growth from his office in Oakland County, Michigan.

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The call for chiropractic care in the U.S. has never been greater. Moreover, chiropractors such as Michigan-based Scott Zack believe this demand will only further increase in the future. To capitalize on this, the expert has compiled a list of top marketing tips designed to ensure success.

“The chiropractic care market in the U.S. continues to enjoy incredible growth across the board,” says industry expert Scott Zack, speaking from his office in Oakland County, Michigan.

This growth comes as people increasingly turn to chiropractic care for drug-free treatment of various notoriously painful conditions. Examples include chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis. “The market growth that we’ve seen thus far has been largely organic,” Oakland County chiropractic Zack points out. “However, to capitalize on this moving forward, clever marketing is necessary,” he adds.

Scott Zack, Michigan believes that in the coming years, a marketing-focused approach to business will be crucial. “Chiropractors committed to growing their practices must be prepared to invest in marketing,” suggests the expert. With that, the acclaimed chiropractor has put together five top tips for successful practice growth.

“First, establish yourself as an authority on social media,” says Zack. “Then, ensure that your website is squarely focused on generating leads.”

“From here, look to invest in multi-channel advertising and content marketing,” he goes on. “At the same time, nurture any new leads and utilize tried-and-tested email marketing techniques to reach out to existing contacts in your practice database,” adds the expert. “Finally, follow up with a concentration on referrals and reviews.”

The renowned chiropractor has previously spoken at length on a number of related topics. A particular area of focus for Scott Zack has been the burgeoning chiropractic software market. He’s also presented an insight into the growing and potentially lucrative role of chiropractic care in major league sports.

“Ultimately, it’s about establishing a robust business strategy tailored toward measurable growth,” he notes. “In doing so, you’re also setting yourself apart from the competition in the process,” adds Zack, concluding his marketing-focused advice for fellow chiropractors.

Scott Zack Michigan highlights growing value of chiropractic care market in Michigan and nationwide

With demand at an all-time high, it’s unsurprising that the chiropractic care market’s value continues to rocket. “Across Michigan and nationwide, rates of annual growth within the field continue to outperform estimates,” Zack reveals.

Even conservative estimates now put the value of the U.S. chiropractic care market at around $18 billion within five years. That’s according to a study by Grand View Research in San Francisco, California. The market research and consulting firm puts the industry’s value at a predicted $17.93 billion by 2025.

“By comparison, in 2017, the U.S. chiropractic care market was valued at $12.26 billion,” explains Oakland County-based authority Scott Zack.

An increase of $5.67 billion is equivalent to a compound annual growth rate of over 4.2 percent, Zack emphasizes. “That’s well ahead of complementary medicine more generally,” he adds, wrapping up, “and represents fantastic news for chiropractors both here in Michigan and across the country.”

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