Micah Raskin Discusses the Top Six Poker Myths for Beginner Players


NASSAU COUNTY , NEW YORK , UNITED STATES , May 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Poker has been played for hundreds of years, and its popularity only seems to grow as the decades go on, says Micah Raskin. The card game can be played recreationally and professionally, although there should always be something at stake. A large part of the game is the thrill of the gamble, calling someone’s bluff, and trying to read the table.

As poker has entered the mainstream, certain myths have followed the game and stuck. Some of these myths are based on superstition and others on a misunderstanding. But either way, they tend to permeate popular understanding about the game and discourage beginner players. Micah Raskin, a successful professional poker player, is going to walk us through these myths and help us bust them!

#1 Poker Is Gambling

Many people think of poker as a pure gamble – a game of luck, says Micah Raskin. But nothing could be further from the truth. Poker is a game of skill, says the professional player. While there is no denying that short-term luck is an integral part of the game, professional players call that “variance”.

Over a round of many hands, everyone gets the same level or share of luck, says Micah Raskin. That’s just a small part of the game. The rest is how you handle each hand. You have to treat it like a part of the bigger picture of the tournament.

Professional poker players don’t win because they’re luckier than other people. They win because they understand the rules, the strategy, and the numbers. So while anyone can have a winning night, players with real dedication and skills can succeed over the long term.

#2 You Should Start Out Playing With Fake Money
While playing for chips or monopoly money can be a great way to learn the rules, you’re not going to improve your strategy that way, says Micah Raskin. When people aren’t playing for important stakes, they tend to act differently than when something they care about is on the line. They’re overly bold, make ridiculous calls, and throw out random decisions.

Whether they’re betting on every single hand or bluffing through with a single Ace, people playing with nothing at stake aren’t really playing poker. When everyone is just blindly clicking buttons, you can’t learn how to read the table or when to bet.

Obviously, you shouldn’t just jump willy-nilly into the high-stakes games – investing a couple of bucks is usually enough to change the dynamics of the table. You don’t even have to play with money, says Micah Raskin, but you do need to play for something you care about and are invested in to get any better at the game.

#3 You Have to Be a Math Genius

It’s strange that one myth about poker is that it’s pure luck, while another says you have to be a genius with numbers to win. While you do have to understand basic poker calculations to understand bet amounts and calculate your odds, the math is very basic, says Micah Raskin.

Once you memorize a few percentages and have a grasp of the basics, you’re good to go! Strategy books may claim otherwise to sell you a “secret method” for winning, but there are no advanced calculations required when you’re playing poker. Learning to read the table is much more difficult than learning the math, says Raskin.

#4 Players Bluff A Lot

This is a myth that Micah Raskin blames on Hollywood. It’s so dramatic! The tension as a player bluffs his way through a sticky situation…it’s much more interesting than the continuation bets and disciplined folds a true pro makes every other hand.

Now, we don’t want to give the wrong impression. Bluffing is an important part of poker. But real players have to learn when and how to bluff. When the TV cameras are off, massive check-raises are actually pretty rare!

#5 Online Poker is Rigged

This is a myth that has been circulated since online poker tables first came into existence back in the 90s. So many people are convinced that the algorithms are set to give you bad hands more often than a regular dealer.

While there have been a few scandals over the years, these are the exception, not the rule. Someone will always try to cheat the system when there’s a lot of money on the line, but that doesn’t mean all online poker is rigged.

Remember, says Micah Raskin, that these sites aren’t just popping up out of the blue. Major poker sites are heavily regulated as a part of the gambling industry. They are regularly tested by governing bodies and third-party auditors to ensure that everything is running properly and fairly.

These myths got started for several reasons, but the biggest is because people are playing from behind a screen. Online games go much faster, which means you run through more hands. When you run through more hands, statistically more of them are going to be bad. And because you feel braver behind your screen, you’re more likely to play on those bad hands and lose, when you would have folded at a real table. It’s all psychological, says Micah Raskin.

#6 The Pros are Chasing that “Big Win”

This myth can probably be blamed on Hollywood again. But professional poker players are not looking for one win and then cashing out, says Micah Raskin. People who don’t play poker and see the game as a game of chance – of course, they would think it’s a bunch of amateurs dreaming about making it big.

But true professionals understand that playing poker for a living is about the long haul – it’s about the grind. In fact, says Raskin, real pros barely pay attention to individual results. It’s all about their averages. Of course, winning a big seven-figure tournament is exciting, but that just makes you want to keep playing!

Why would you cash out when you could keep playing in the next tournament? Just like athletes who play as long as they can, the game is what professional poker players love most.

The Best Way To Bust Poker Myths is to Play Says Micah Raskin

If you’re interested in playing poker, you should try it out, says Micah Raskin. There are no entry barriers, despite what the myths may tell you. Just study up on the rules, grab a few friends, and bet a few dollars.

You don’t have to quit your day job to enjoy playing poker. Sometimes, part-time players have the advantage, says Micah Raskin. You’re not counting on this game to pay your bills – it takes the pressure off. And that means you can concentrate on making the right decisions and enjoy playing the game!

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