MEMETOKEN $RUGBIDEN For Political Statement


USA, April 26, 2021 / — US President Joe Biden is reportedly set to propose a tax hike on the wealthiest Americans. A pretext for a new allocation of resources? Haven’t the rich always been able to avoid these taxes? Who ultimately takes harm from it? The middle class? And how can it be that a high ranking person who has the privilege , President of the United States of America, makes statements like : “Tell you what: If you have a problem deciding whether you are for me or Trump, you are not black”,(The Breakfast Club). What happened to humanity and human dignity? Where is the respect to humanity?

The creator team of $RUGBIDEN has decided to show the US President the power of memes and decentralized finance by creating the MEMEToken “RUGBIDEN”. This project and community is a powerful tsunami of political memes and massive gains. The meme token $Rugbiden, which is a clear symbol of the corrupt policies of the new US president Joe Biden, reached a market capitalization of half a million US dollars in the first 24 hours. Many crypto traders have seen other deflationary tokens “go to the moon”(the market capitalization has increased enormously in a short time) ,and due to the high number of political opposition Joe Biden’s , a moonshot for this token is not excluded.

Within 48h the Telegram group of the official Token got over 1200 followers. RUGBIDEN distances itself from any kind of violence or hatred, the token and the associated community, is intended to be heard by politicians.

The Memetoken shows a clear line that the US Americans and many people from other countries who are indirectly restricted in their lives by the foreign policy of the US government due to restrictions or military interventions, are not satisfied with the policy that is being made. It is very interesting to see that cryptocurrencies are no longer just used as an investment tool, but also to express political opinions, and thus to find a high number of peaceful protesters. The crypto market briefly reached a global market capitalization of over 2 quadrillion US dollars. Will it be possible to enforce opinions and political decisions directly requested by the people through these financial resources?

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