Meet Samir Kahlot: the Young Entrepreneur with a Reputation for Turning Businesses into Million Dollar Success Stories


This remarkable young man now offers his expertise to others in the form of consulting and mentorship.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 / — Samir Kahlot achieved in two short years what most of us can never hope to achieve in a lifetime: $100,000 in one day and $1 million in one month in sales…and all this without any funding or investment. Within four years, Samir Kahlot accumulated an impressive $15 million in online sales, selling everything from embroidered hoodies (which he designed and made himself) to jewelry, leggings and skincare products. And by the age of 23, he had built an eight-figure brand.

Interestingly, Samir Kahlot doesn’t have any formal qualifications in sales or a business management degree, but has spent countless hours doing research online.

“I was thirsty for knowledge,” he says. “I wanted to find out everything there was to know about building a successful business, advertising and branding, and I also wanted to learn from other people’s mistakes as well as my own.”

Having achieved incredible successes with his own brands, Samir is now helping other businesses through his digital marketing agency, iMarketable, which provides a full range of services that include Website development, Paid advertising, Social media growth, SEO setup, and a lot more.
These are all offered as one-time services or as part of a custom marketing plan, which is billed monthly.

Kahlot has also put together a mentorship program for clients to learn how to start and scale their online business.

“While this is the perfect time to set up an e-commerce business, the stats show that over 90% of start-ups are destined for failure,” adds Kahlot. “This is unfortunate, because there are so many opportunities – you just have to know what direction to take and which pitfalls to avoid. That’s where I come in; I’m always happy to guide my clients to the success they deserve.”

Kahlot says he’s been asked many times about the secret of his success.

“The truth is, there isn’t one single secret – there are many, many secrets. But if I had to pick one, it’s the ability to look for answers on the internet. The internet is filled with loads of free guides and information. However, it’s not in order of what to do first which is why I’ve put together a complete mentorship program with over 228 video lessons.”

Kahlot’s highly anticipated course reveals the exact formula that he used to build his own multi-million dollar ecommerce brands. He demonstrates how to build a brand and a store, how to source products, how to advertise on Facebook, Google and other sites, and a great deal more. Students enrolling in his program also get one-on-one mentorship in his exclusive community hosted on Discord.

Samir Kahlot urges all people to try learning from free resources on the internet before purchasing a course or getting mentorship. He now shares plenty of free guides on ecommerce, marketing, product sourcing and more on his YouTube, Instagram and TikTok sites.

“Online shopping is at its absolute peak right now, with more and more people choosing to shop this way every day. The possibilities are endless, so why wait?” concludes Kahlot.

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