Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021


MedTrans Go to Partner with WellRyde to Offer a Full Suite of NEMT Solutions to Healthcare Facilities

We are proud to partner with MedTrans Go and provide them with complete network visibility and access to a network of providers that helps relieve some of the stress on the entire healthcare system.”

— Robert Brown

ATLANTA, GA, USA, March 23, 2021 / — MedTrans Go, a fast-growing start-up in the healthcare technology business, has selected WellRyde to complement its comprehensive suite of scheduling, dispatching, and billing services. MedTrans Go developed a business-to-business platform that offers a one-stop-shop logistics solution for healthcare providers, brokering rides between healthcare facilities, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers, and medical interpreters. WellRyde has developed a highly efficient NEMT enterprise software for everything from tracking record-keeping, billing, and collections to scheduling and dispatching. Together, their service to the US healthcare industry is unmatched.

MedTrans Go is a business-to-business technology-enabled platform that aims to reduce medical appointment cancellations by providing medical practices, hospitals, and facilities access to reliable medical transportation, interpretation, telemedicine, and Rx delivery for patients in need of care. CEO Dana Weeks stated, “With this WellRyde partnership, we are able to offer our NEMT providers the top logistical management system in the market while instantly expanding our network of drivers nationwide to meet the demand of our growing client base.”

WellRyde, a software solution that lives in the cloud, provides features like real-time vehicle tracking with an Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL), automated route building and optimization, electronic signature capture, paperless documentation for proof of pickup (POP), Proof of Drop-off (POD), and more. “We are proud to partner with MedTrans Go and provide them with complete network visibility and access to a network of providers that helps relieve some of the stress on the entire healthcare system,” said Robert Brown, Sr. Director, Business Development. “Together we play an important role in serving the community and enhancing the healthcare transportation reach.”

With an eye on the $16B NEMT market and a way to cut down over $150B lost in missed appointments in the US healthcare system, MedTrans Go and WellRyde will combine their talents in medical services and logistics to expand nationwide. Together, they are able to offer more medical expertise, developer’s enterprise experience, and a large network of healthcare facilities that will be matched by a deep bench of drivers.

No one should ever miss a medical appointment. In the time of COVID-19, missed appointments mean that patients may not get the prompt care they need. MedTrans Go and WellRyde are working together to provide a timely solution during the crisis and will continue to provide their healthcare solution in a changing healthcare environment.

About MedTrans Go

MedTrans Go is a tech-enabled portal that provides medical practices, hospitals, and facilities with access to reliable medical transportation, interpretation, telemedicine, and Rx delivery services in one easy-to-use integrated digital platform.

MedTrans Go’s story began five years ago when the founder, Dr. Obi Ugwonali, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, had two back-to-back surgeries canceled due to lack of transportation and medical interpretation services. These cancellations cost his practice over $100K in fees and opportunity costs. As Dr. Ugwonali researched the problem and discussed the idea of a dedicated ride service with other healthcare professionals, he learned that not only does the US healthcare system loses $150B due to roughly 3.6M missed appointments every year, but also transportation issues and lack of access to medical interpretation cause over 50% of medical appointment cancellations across the US. After recognizing the depth of need of addressing these issues, he began to develop a software platform that would not only broker rides between underutilized NEMT companies but also schedule interpreters for patients who needed medical interpretation, even remotely via video telemedicine.

MedTrans Go continued to develop their services with the evolving needs of the healthcare industry as they added telemedicine and Rx delivery services to their platform. With their easy-to-use web and mobile portals, MedTrans Go helps medical facilities reduce patient cancellations, increase revenue, and efficiently deliver care. Their mission is to make the processes of transportation, interpretation, telemedicine, and Rx delivery coordination simple and cost-effective for everyone. To learn more, visit

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