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Katrina McCarter, Founder, Partnership Mastery

Partnerships multiply the value of marketing budgets

Partnerships let today’s budget/Covid strapped marketers do more while spending less.”

— Katrina McCarter, Founder Partnership Mastery

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, April 22, 2021 / — In the second article of her four-part M2Moms® series, international marketing leader, Katrina McCarter, Founder of Partnership Mastery & Marketing to Mums, describes partnership collaborations that worked for her, plus she cites winning examples from global brands like Citibank, Simon & Schuster, NBC’s TODAY, Xero, Carnival and Michaels.

McCarter explains,” Every one of the six major partnership benefits helps deliver synergistic advantages that other business relationships simply can’t provide. The top six partnership benefits are, Positioning Your Business, Saving Money, Boosting Profits, Gaining Visibility With Ideal Clients/Customers, Building Brand Sentiment, Loyalty & Social Media Communities and Increasing Website Traffic. Most importantly, partnerships multiply the reach of every marketing dollar.”

M2Moms®-The Constant Conference is a 24/7 online executive learning resource dedicated to helping marketers build better business with today’s moms and families. McCarter, an internationally recognized marketing to moms expert, is a regular contributor to M2Moms®.

According to Nan McCann, Founding Producer of M2Moms®, “Katrina’s partnership series is strategically smart and timely. In addition to challenges presented by the current global pandemic, today’s marketers are also faced with increasingly tight and scrutinized budgets. How to make what they have go further and deliver better results is a hurdle. So, partnerships can really be a win-win for everyone, all the time. Katrina always leads the way in research, strategy and marketing to moms and families worldwide. She’s innovative, creative and very practical. As a “mum” herself, Katrina knows this consumer target personally and professionally. BE BOLD is her mantra and achieving better business results is her goal! Every brand wants that.”

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