Maxine Adwella, Nadia Lopez, Sharon Hurley Hall, Kween, Danny Gokey, Lecrae launch May Mental Health NCYMH George Floyd


Diverse speakers National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health NCYMH share Stories, Breaking Stigma, Finding Your Voice, & Healing Childhood Pain & Past Hurts

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 6, 2021 / — The May Mental Health Month Keynote speakers, Maxine Adwella, Dr. Nadia Lopez, Sharon Hurley Hall were selected for NCYMH‘s LOVE VOICE & JUSTICE is inclusive of all races and in honor of George Floyd because of their proven resilience to overcome life’s hurdles and turn them into successes, their resilience in fires, and foremost for their tireless commitment to breaking the stigma of mental health , speaking out against injustice, being a powerful voice for the vulnerable and breaking the stigma in society and the media in mental health, inequities in education, workplaces and public service and sharing experiences about racial injustices, wrongful arrests, unjust court decisions and the generational pain and trauma systemic discrimination and colonization has caused many diverse populations. TORONTO

Dr. Nadia Lopez is pioneering a path of inspired leadership to show the world how under-privileged communities can beat the odds and create positive institutions that have a global impact. As the founder of Mott Hall Bridges Academy, a New York City public school located in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Lopez’s story became a viral sensation as millions of people around the world became inspired with the positive learning environment, high expectations, and growing success rate at a school right in the middle of one of the most under-served communities in America. She is a best-selling author of The Bridge to Brilliance, international speaker, and award-winning educator who was honored alongside First Lady Michelle Obama with the Black Girls Rock Change Agent Award. She delivered a TED Talk on why she opened a school to close a prison and is currently the Chief Visionary Officer of The Lopez Effect where she provides strategic planning and coaching to leaders and educators, as well as the co-founder of ElevatED BLK, which focuses on sustainability, personal development and wellness.

Sharon Hurley Hall is an anti-racism activist, writer and educator, and a professional B2B writer with decades of experience in the writing business. She is committed to doing her part to eliminate racism, and publishes an anti-racism newsletter on Substack. Sharon is also a poet, the author of Exploring Shadeism, and co-host of the Introvert Sisters podcast.

Maxine Adwella, is a positive BIPOC mother and women of faith, an experienced youth mental health expert, educator, marketing, branding and public relations expert with over 10 years of experience who started her own educational curriculum company with a desire to make education diverse, relevant, accessible and life-changing and then sold it for a profit five years later. With a marketing degree, law degree, teaching degree and master’s degree, Maxine Adwella takes your vision and your brand through many changes to the finish line. Maxine Adwella is employed as a Director of Government Relations with a second job as Maxine Adwella, Dean of The Public Relations Institute and a third job providing free humanitarian expertise and services to not for profits, registered charities, youth start-ups and female-owned companies. Maxine is very loyal and has survived many crises and surprised her critics by achieving consistent monumental victories and longevity. Maxine Adwella will bring her crisis management skills to help you rise stronger from any and all setbacks your company may face. Maxine Adwella is a woman of faith and integrity who can be trusted and believes that what a person writes and represents is reflective of their heart and character. Maxine Adwella’s motto is “with God (and hard work) all things are possible”. Maxine Adwella is a tireless advocate for unique diverse mental health programs and services for the past decade.

We need to come together as a society & address Mental Health.

Remove the stigma, find our voice, address and heal childhood traumas.

Express our pain as we go through a difficult event or circumstance.

Self Care and don’t internalize. Believe in Yourself, Protect Your Heart and Keep FAITH.

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