Maropost Announces Partnership and Advanced Integration with Konnektive CRM


Konnektive partners up with marketing automation service provider, Maropost, for the advanced integration of their platforms.

TORONTO, CANADA, April 15, 2021 / — Today marks a fresh start for both Maropost and Konnektive. With their shared customers seeing so much success, Maropost and Konnektive put pen to paper to define success for their shared & future customers and deliver that and more.

Konnektive is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service that is highly customizable and powerful. At its core, it was designed for e-retailers that are looking to build, grow, and scale up their online retail stores. Their flexibility allows them to take on clients from all industries and of any size, with personalized tools that offer the insights required to help retailers make smarter business decisions more efficiently.

Konnektive CEO, Matthew Martorano, has high expectations for this new partnership with Maropost, saying that: “Maropost has continually proven itself to be the top email service provider and marketing platform in the e-commerce and online product marketing industry. With its high deliverability rates, advanced tagging, and drip automation, we expect our clients to see a higher success rate using this platform along with Konnektive. Whether it be dealing with cart abandonment, partial lead data monetization, or cross-promoting other products to existing customers, we are certain that Maropost will prove to be an incredible company to work with.”

And, when asked about why he chose Maropost to be the marketing automation platform that they partnered up with, he was quick to say the following:
“Our goals at Konnektive for completing an advanced integration to Maropost is to give our clients greater control over their data, which will allow them to generate more sales. We have very savvy and sophisticated marketers using our platform who demand the very best in email deliverability, and Maropost provides that, and then some.”

Their plans for this newly improved and robust native integration is to:
1. Give their customers more freedom and control over their data
2. Position their customers to generate more revenue/sales through their data
3. Provide a customizable system for taking online orders and drive that information into Maropost for marketing purposes and more

Chairman and CEO of Maropost, Ross Andrew Paquette, chimes into the conversation as well to say the following about this new partnership:
“In the years we have been working with Konnektive and their team, we have been blown away by their platform and people. We chose to form a deeper partnership with them because of a shared drive for persistent evolution. They’ve never stopped improving and they stay on top of the trends and the needs of their customers. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with them for the sake of our current shared customers and the sake of our future customers as well. We hope that by bringing Maropost & Konnektive even closer together, that we will be able to give our clients the control and freedom that they need to keep on growing.”

About Konnektive
Konnektive CRM is a well-known business growth management service that offers a customizable system for taking orders online. Their platform is a convergence of the best of the best CRM technologies in the industry. All of which make up an easy-to-use user interface that is 100% secure, web-accessible, and developed to help you make the most money by giving you access to the data that you need to make faster and smarter business decisions.

About Maropost
Maropost is a SaaS solution for B2C (Business-to-Consumer) brands and retailers that are on the lookout for a platform that they can use to enhance their customer engagement capabilities. With Maropost, one can engage their customer through a variety of channels, create sophisticated customer journeys, send targeted messages, and optimize their campaigns to the fullest. Their existing clients, like Warner Media & Rolling Stone, Haymarket Media,, Mercedes-Benz, and more, are especially satisfied to leave to Maropost the management of key engagement responsibilities so that they can focus on other aspects of their marketing processes.

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