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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2021 / — Life brings about so many challenges, twists, and turns it is no wonder we can feel stuck, anxious, and lose our way, sometimes confined by our own limiting beliefs. We feel like we are floating aimlessly confused on which path to take next. At some point, all of us need someone to help us stop and reflect, before we decide how to continue onward and forward to set a direction and goals. That is why working with a professionally trained Life Coach can help us see clearly where we are in our lives and why, break negative patterns, and help us become a better version of ourselves to live more happily.

Maria Wilson is an accomplished Life/Ontological coach and exceptional Pranic healer.

“Coaching opens up our funnel vision and, in the process, unfolds a bigger world in front of us as we move forward in a fresh positive direction,” says Maria. “When we accept our weaknesses and develop our strengths and integrate all aspects then we are open to change and a future of limitless possibilities.”

Maria was born in Argentina. Prior to starting her coaching practice, she found success as an accountant. At 29, she was married and came to the U.S. with her husband eager for opportunity but on her inquisitive road to self-discovery she realized she was not feeling fulfilled in her career and her true calling was helping others.

As a coach who follows the ontological approach, which has to do with unveiling who we are as “observers” of the world and what life brings, she encourages sustainable change that involves transforming who you are as you change your interpretations of the world, yourself, others and life as it is. When we change our narratives, we discover new possibilities and opportunities for action, attain greater fulfillment as we embrace who we genuinely are, and follow our passion regardless of what others think.

That is because coaching encourages us to develop a heightened self-awareness for identifying how our emotional state, thoughts and beliefs may not be conducive to the attainment of our potential. Maria’s personal mission is assisting her clients to surpass their limitations and develop a sense of purpose to live with passion the personal vision.

“When clients approach me, they are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, unmotivated and unable to achieve their goals. Many times they don’t even know what their goals are,” says Maria. “As your coach, I will be shedding light at your “blind spots” in the area of life you want to work on so together we can explore the way and strategies to navigate your life and future.”

Maria emphasizes on self-reflection and disrupting the auto-pilot in our lives so we can see more clearly where we are and where we want to be because we cannot change what we are not aware of. With awareness, we become better able to face adversity in healthy ways and improve our relationships, careers, and day to day lives.

“As we journey through life’s myriad of challenges, we tend to lose connection with our dreams,” says Maria. “But when we reclaim our genuine selves that lay under our built identities, become vulnerable and raw, connect with kindness to others and live according to our values, then we can live harmoniously with ourselves and others because we are being who we truly want to be.”

Maria is also a gifted Pranic healer for over seventeen years emphasizing the body’s natural ability to self-heal.

Today, recently divorced, Maria sends out a message of empowerment to all women. No matter what age or stage we are in our lives it is never too late to pursue our goals and dreams and achieve whatever our hearts desire.

“Unveil who you are with self-assuredness, awareness and trust so can prepare for self-expansion that has no limit,” says Maria. “Love your life, yourself, and look forward to the possible new you’s future that you can continue to create everyday of your life as you live with passion and purpose making this world a better place.”

Close Up Radio will feature Maria Wilson in an interview with Jim Masters on Wednesday May 5th at 11 a.m. Eastern.

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Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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