M2Moms® Names Founders of Bobbie Organic Infant Formula Winners of the 2020-21 MomFirst Award


Sarah Hardy & Laura Modi, Co-Founders, Bobbie

The Only Infant Formula Founded and Led by Moms

We forged on through closed daycares, online zoom classes, and babies on our laps, as we built Bobbie. To me, it’s a testament that moms can achieve anything.”

— Laura Modi, Co-Founder, CEO, Bobbie

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Bobbie, the first new infant formula company to launch in the U.S. in five years has been chosen as the 2020-21 recipient of the annual M2Moms® MomFirst Award. Bobbie is also the only infant formula brand that is founded and led by moms: CEO, Laura Modi and COO, Sarah Hardy. According to Nan McCann, founding producer of M2Moms®, “Bobbie is a breakthrough mom brand. The founders and whole team personally understand the guilt and shame of turning to formula and then facing the added frustration of a lack of superior organic options in the U.S. market.” M2Moms®-The Constant Conference is a 24/7 online executive learning resource dedicated to helping marketers build better business with today’s moms and families.

The MomFirst Award was introduced eleven years ago at the in-person M2Moms® conference. It is given annually to a woman who started something new, when she, in her own role as a mother, saw a need and filled it, first as a Mom for her own family, and then in the greater marketplace. Laura Modi, co-founder and CEO said, “It is an honor to be recognized with this prestigious award. We endeavored to build a best-in-class product in a legacy space …which is an enormous undertaking…made even more challenging because we did it as a team of women & moms through a pandemic. Plus, I was pregnant and had my third child during the height of the quarantine and right on the heels of our FDA approval. We forged on through closed daycares, online zoom classes, and babies on our laps, as we built Bobbie. To me, it’s a testament that moms can achieve anything.”

Modi continues, “As a mission-first company, we are here to support every feeding journey. And before we even launched, we pledged to give a small group of mastectomy moms a year of free formula. Because shockingly, while these mothers with no breasts could receive a free breast pump through their insurance, they had no financial insurance support for formula. Imagine!”

McCann added, “They created the formula to evolve the conversation on how we feed our babies to match modern parenting; a company that supports surrogacy, adoptive parents, same sex parents, mothers without breasts, and working moms who literally just can’t do it all. It is a pleasure to add Laura Modi, Sarah Hardy and the remarkable Bobbie Team to this distinguished list of M2Moms® MomFirst Award winners!”

Past winners include: Lauren Brandt, Facebook Client Solutions Manager, Super Moms; Kurt Workman, CEO & The Co-Founding of Owlet (on this occasion, the award was renamed The DadFirst Award!); Jessica Iclisoy, Founder & CEO of California Baby; Mindy Scheier, Founder of Runway of Dreams; Lisa Moss, SeizureTracker.com; Brook & Jack Klawitter, Special Olympics; Julie Cole, Co-Founder of Mabel’s Labels; Stacy DeBroff, Founder & CEO of Mom Central Consulting; Heidi Murkoff, author, What To Expect When You’re Expecting; Nadine Vogel, Founder & President of Springboard Consulting.

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