Love in the Cradle of Life


Love Stories in Africa

Two tales of romance in the origin of humanity

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, April 29, 2021 / — Love is a very strong force that can give hope to the hopeless, faith to the faithless, and strength to the weak and powerless. Which is why the saying “Love Wins” has become a powerful rallying cry for people who are oppressed and ostracized in today’s society. However, love has been winning since the beginning of humanity, and even today in the cradle of life where war and conflict are part and parcel of everyday life, love still blossoms even in blood-drenched soil. The book by author Beatrice Cayzer, Love Stories in Africa, is a prime example of this.

Beatrice Cayzer is a writer who has experienced the world in a very personal and intimate manner. She is a prolific writer who wrote many of her works while traveling all over the globe and in different major cities. She is no stranger to accolades and awards. Her creation, The Happy Harrow Murder Trilogy, stayed in the best-sellers list for nearly an entire year and The Secret Diary of Mrs. John Quincy Adams, a book very close to her heart as it is about some of her ancestors’ work in US history, was a finalist in the 2016 Chanticleer Book Awards for Historical Fiction.

The book is about two love stories set in two different locations and time periods, with the first one involving an English widow struggling to make ends meet in a Sudanese refugee camp, and the other about an American teenager amidst the idyllic backdrop of the 1930s Ethiopia’s Haile Selassie coronation. Both love stories will be tested in very harsh and brutal conditions involving war, murder, subterfuge, and betrayal. But as the saying goes, “Love Wins”, the only question is, “How?”

Grab your copy today to learn how love will win!

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