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Living Daily in the Kingdom of God

Living Daily in the Kingdom of God: Experiencing the Promise of John 10:10 in Our Everyday Life

Melvin A. Zelaya

A book about how to live life following the promise of the Kingdom of God

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, April 20, 2021 / — Living life according to God’s will, and the example of the apostles and saints, is a lot easier said than done. While the general rules and goals can be quite easy to adhere to, it is the little things, the things that matter on a daily basis that can prove to be challenging. And while there are several ways to do this, until one fully understands what it means to live daily in the kingdom of God, it will constantly be a struggle. This is where author Melvin Zelaya’s book, Living Daily in the Kingdom of God: Experiencing the Promise of John 10:10 in Our Everyday Life, can help.

Melvin Zelaya is a graduate of The San Francisco Computer Academy as a System Analyst during the 60s, worked for IBM during the 70s, and eventually became a sales and marketing manager for major corporations in America afterward. He became curious as to why the church today has been weakened by culture, and after forty years, realized that it was not the message that weakened, but the delivery. After searching which of the “holy” books are actually holy, he settled for the Bible and wrote his guide on how to live daily in the Kingdom of God.

The book is a guide helping people to discover for themselves the true meaning of what it means to receive Christ as the savior and what God really wants to tell us as a people, beyond what religious establishments have disseminated over the past thousands of years. The established dogma by the religious institutions, the book claims, has become more of a tradition rather than a way of life.

Learn more about how the book can help you live life in the Kingdom of God and get a copy today.

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