Little Known Marketing Strategy Helps Businesses Tap Into A Client Gold Mine


Facebook strategist and trainer Chantal Gerardy

Chantal Gerardy’s programs help small business avoid Facebook marketing overwhelm

Chantal Gerardy – organic Facebook marketing

Business owners can do their own Facebook marketing, without paying for ads.

Learning to grow a business with Facebook doesn’t have to be complicated.”

— Chantal Gerardy

GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, March 24, 2021 / — If you ask a small business person what they want most in business, they’ll tell you more customers. When you ask them how they go about getting those new customers, they’ll throw their hands up in frustration and overwhelm. There are just so many options … and not within their budget.

That’s where award-winning Facebook strategist Chantal Gerardy comes to the rescue. After years of running a fitness business, she was at her wit’s end trying to work out the best way to scale up with a small budget.

“I was often in tears because I didn’t know what I didn’t know,” she said. “I didn’t have a marketing budget to spend big or to outsource the work. I didn’t have a team to help me, so I was on my own.

“When I was still struggling, I remember asking myself… Where on earth do I start? Am I even capable of learning all this? Is it really worth all the trouble?”

But she knew she wanted control of her marketing. So she invested in herself, up-skilled and is now considered the go-to for organic Facebook marketing.

“Many startups, small businesses or medium businesses want control over their client generation, want to up-skill, and to follow a personalised strategy they know will work,” she said.

“There is a way that works, providing small businesses with a roadmap out of overwhelm and marketing frustration.

“Learning to grow a business with Facebook doesn’t have to be complicated.”

Chantal works with small businesses, walking them through every step and shortcut, helping them get results, even while they are learning.

“So many businesses have spent a fortune on marketing – trying to implement complicated strategies that haven’t worked, or invested in courses they don’t have time to implement. I’ve heard stories from business owners who have burned through thousands of dollars because they jump in without any preparation or solid foundations,” Chantal said.

“What they really need is a simplified system with actionable steps…and that’s what they get working with me. My program is a gold mine of little known marketing strategies they can use on Facebook to stand out and get paying clients consistently.”

Starting from the bottom up, Chantal’s programs work through setting up a personal profile and privacy, and then moves onto strategy building.

Having coached over 500 clients across the globe, she said the one thing that really stops people seeing results is overwhelm.

“When lessons become too complicated, people procrastinate on taking action. No action means no results,” Chantal said.

“Instead of duct-taping strategies together, that only disappoint, they can spend a few hours learning some easy shortcuts to handle multiple tasks to actually generate paying clients.”

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