Literacy To Legacy Mentors Reframing Your Financial Future Debuts in Connecticut

Deborah Pratt Johnson Burns Launches Connecticut’s First-of-its-Kind Personal Finance Education Mentoring Company


CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / — Most Americans today face serious financial challenges, particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To help address this, Deborah Pratt Johnson Burns today announced the launch of Literacy to Legacy Mentors, LLC Reframing Your Financial Future, A Pratt Prosperity Company. Burns, a well-established financial and business mentor, successful private investor, entrepreneur, and builder of six and seven-figure businesses, will provide personalized financial mentoring and education services. Her mission? To help clients increase their financial IQ, honestly examine their money habits and behaviors, and begin to take charge of their financial lives. The company is the first-of-its-kind in Connecticut, launching in celebration of Financial Literacy Month.

According to surveys from the Pew Research Center, and the National Endowment for Financial Education:

• Nearly 9 in 10 Americans report that Covid -19 is causing stress on their finances
• 34% are extremely concerned about their personal financial outlook 12 months from now
• 31% are not able to save any money each month
• One-quarter of Americans have trouble paying their bills

“I have realized a growing need for concrete, easy-to-understand financial education and mentoring for young professionals to retirees,” Burns said. “There’s a lot of fear, confusion, uncertainty, poor financial habits ingrained early, and even general avoidance of the subject. The pandemic has only made matters worse.” She added, “I’m launching Literacy to Legacy Mentors for consumers seeking unbiased personalized financial education and mentoring services, designed to help them meet their specific financial goals.”

Based on her experience as the PR agent-of-record for U.S. Trust in New England for more than a decade, and as PR strategist and director of the national launch of Rockefeller & Co., Inc.’s RockIT Solutions, Burns is passionate about helping people build a strong financial foundation, wealth and a legacy.

She added, “Financial literacy is not formally taught in high school or college unless it’s a one-off personal finance course or as part of a finance or business degree. As a result, many consumers don’t have an advantage in business or life without the financial tools and knowledge they need to succeed and I’m committed to helping change that paradigm.” According to The Council for Economic Education, as of 2021, only six U.S. states require High School students to complete a personal finance course to graduate.

Burns will provide personalized personal finance mentoring and education services for individuals, university and college students, entrepreneurs, business executives, families, and retirees, by the hour or on a month-to-month retainer basis. Clients will have ready access to her national strategic partner network of veteran estates and trusts and eldercare attorneys, tax specialists, and college financial aid experts who will offer more comprehensive personalized services for a separate fee. In addition, consumers will have access to timely, relevant content and insightful articles on topics ranging from college financial aid and estates and trusts planning to personal money management.

This summer, online and in-person classes, workshops, and one-day and weekend retreats will be added, covering a wide range of personal finance and business topics. Burns will also be offering membership and private event packages for friends, families, businesses, and associations.

Literacy to Legacy Mentors is a breakthrough financial literacy education mentoring company based in Fairfield, Connecticut. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and motivate consumers to master their financial lives and live prosperously through personal finance education and mentoring. For more information, please visit

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