LED Lighting Inc. Announces Patent Granted for Vortex® Safety Lighting Cargo Truck Lighting System


Vortex® Safety Lighting

BUFFALO GROVE, ILL., USA, May 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Manufacturer LED Lighting Inc. announces patent US 10,967,784 B2 that covers linear LED devices that mount in the recessed space on a top rail, between the wall and the roof of a cargo compartment. The high performance, compact, lighting system is designed at a 45° angle so that it can be safely mounted out of the path of cargo and aim the light down to the floor, for complete cargo area illumination. The V-U1-Kit is designed to fit specifically in Utility, Stoughton, Wabash, and Great Dane trailers. The system comes with a built-in shut off to prevent draining the battery and optional motion sensors on each light. Output exceeds OSHA Standard 1926.56 and conforms to SAE J Standards. Custom configurations can be specified for any brand or style trailer or delivery van. Vortex® Safety Lighting systems are designed for OEM, custom truck up-fitting and fleets.

“I have seen firsthand the importance of lighting to maintaining a safe working environment,” said Bill Hood, managing partner of LED Lighting Inc. “The trucking industry operates 24/7, meaning a lot of freight is handled at night, oftentimes with only a dock light to illuminate into the trailer. With the VORTEX, handlers no longer have to rely on a dock light, illumination comes from inside the trailer itself, and it’s almost always brighter.”

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