Las Vegas Attorney Jack Buchanan Offers Serious Advice to Protect Yourself Against Criminal Proceedings


Jack Buchanan of Las Vegas, president and criminal defense attorney at Buchanan Law Defense, addresses key advice for those grappling with criminal proceedings.

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / — With his years of experience, defense attorney Jack Buchanan knows better than most what harms or helps defendants. He has represented individuals accused of every imaginable crime, giving him professional insight into how people accused and on trial can protect themselves during criminal proceedings. If you feel ill-prepared to face the legal process, start with these four key pieces of advice.

Handle Police Interactions With Care
Interacting with the police during an arrest, investigation or trial can cause distress and frustration. Anytime they speak to the police, Jack Buchanan insists that people should have a lawyer present to protect themselves against unfair questioning or treatment. You want to avoid saying anything that could negatively affect your case.

Often the best course of action when addressing the police involves declining to answer their questions. Offering limited information until you feel confident in what to say and how it will affect the case protects you in the long run. When you do tell your story, never lie, since lying can land you in as much trouble as saying too much.

Land Seasoned Defense Attorneys Like Jack Buchanan
A strong criminal defense attorney serves as your best form of protection against criminal proceedings. You want a lawyer with extensive practical experience who understands cases like yours. Attorneys like Jack Buchanan in Las Vegas offer free consultations, which can help you identify a lawyer you can trust.

A criminal defense attorney provides invaluable services to defendants of all kinds. You can speak openly to your attorney without the fear of retribution for your words. Attorneys help navigate your conversations with police, structure what you want to say, how you can say it and will prepare you for court. 

The prosecution in a criminal case must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. Through the information exchanged at your consultation, your attorney will understand just what the prosecutor must do to prove your guilt. This means they know how to build your case to combat any allegations made against you. 

Consider Your Courtroom Presentation
Jack Buchanan strongly believes that how you present and conduct yourself during criminal proceedings can make or break your case.

Think About Your Appearance
In court, you want to make an excellent first impression to rally people on your side. A neat, professional appearance with business-like clothing goes far in helping your reputation. 

Manners In Court
People should also consider how they behave during and outside courtroom proceedings. Discussing an ongoing case with family, friends or on social media can prove detrimental to a defendant. Without proper counsel, anything or anyone could become evidence or a witness. Conducting yourself with respect for the case and people in court, no matter what you feel about what’s being said, can give you the upper hand.

Know Your Rights
Above all, Jack Buchanan believes defendants in criminal proceedings should understand their rights. Critical examples include but are not limited to the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments of the United States Constitution.

Fourth Amendment
The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure. When police begin investigating a potential crime or respond to a tip, people should stand firm on this right. 

Fifth Amendment 
From the initial arrest and questioning, the accused can use their Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination. The Miranda Rights read to arrested persons falls under this amendment, and police must declare this if they intend to question someone. The Fifth Amendment also extends to trial, where Jack Buchanan and other attorneys ensure the judge and prosecutor cannot force the defendant to testify against their wish. 

Sixth Amendment
The Sixth Amendment guarantees accused persons counsel during criminal proceedings, but it also includes other important factors. The defendant has a right to confront witnesses who testify against them, as well as obtain witnesses in their favor. The support offered by character and regular witnesses immeasurably boosts the defendant’s credibility.

The Defense Attorney You Can Trust
If you need a defense attorney, look no further than Buchanan Defense Law’s unmatched reputation. Since taking over his father’s office in 2009, Buchanan has dedicated himself to protecting the rights of residents and tourists of Las Vegas accused of crimes. With a diverse range of experience, Buchanan has fought against everything from traffic offenses to accusations of violent crimes with passion and open communication. Obtain a free consultation at Buchanan Defense Law through this contact form or call 702-382-9103.

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