Laguiole French Knives Offers High-Quality Knives Handmade in France Using Traditional Techniques


Laguiole French Knives is the best place to find authentic knives made using the historical Laguiole process.

ROYAT, FRANCE, May 3, 2021 / — Laguiole French Knives offers genuine Laguiole knives, manufactured using the traditional technique developed in 1848 in the Laguiole village in the south of France. All knives, corkscrews, and table sets are made in the company’s workshop in Lezoux, France, and each knife is an original layole. The knife is handmade in 170 steps, with handles made from natural raw materials, and blades made of high-quality stainless steel. The blades are perfectly smooth, impeccably sharp, and exceptionally shiny. Laguiole French Knives works using traditional techniques, and offers a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defect, ensuring customer satisfaction with every purpose.

All knives come with the name of the brand, “Laguiole Le Fidèle,” engraved on the blades, as well as a certificate confirming the knife’s authenticity. The company also offers instructions on how to recognize a genuine Laguiole knife, showing their manufacturing process, and signs of fakes, such as parts glued together, or poor quality steel. This is especially important as the name “Laguiole” is too old to be a registered trademark, and suffers from many fakes made outside of France. A shepherd’s cross design on the handle also shows the result of manual assembly in the company’s workshop.

Laguiole French Knives has been creating authentic traditional knives since 1991 and specializes in the Laguiole model, as well as other regional knives such as Le Thiers, Pradel, or Yatagan Basque. They work to honor the rich natural, architectural, and cultural heritage of the Laguiole village and surrounding Aubrac region and share this heritage with customers worldwide through quality products.

Laguiole French Knives offers a variety of products, including folding knives, hunting knives, and table sets. More information, as well as their products, is available on the Laguiole French Knives website.


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