LA City Council Candidate, Molly Basler, Receives COVID Vaccine and Encourages Others to Get It


Molly Basler Getting the COVID Vaccine

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 / — Los Angeles City Council candidate and environmentalist, Molly Basler, has just received her COVID shot. “I received my COVID Pfizer Vaccine. I had much trepidation at first and I was afraid that I might have a bad reaction, but I did not. My arm doesn’t even hurt,” states Basler.

Pfizer has also submitted information to the FDA that may allow its vaccine to be stored at standard refrigerator temperatures, its CEO said. Such a change could help simplify the distribution of the vaccine. Bourla said the company submitted new data to the FDA on Friday, and it may “soon” have an emergency use authorization to allow standard refrigeration for up to four weeks. Currently, Pfizer’s vaccine is authorized to be stored at ultracold temperatures, between -80 and -60 degrees Celsius, or in cold storage, between -25 and -15 degrees Celsius, for a maximum of two weeks, which can complicate distribution of the vaccine. New data could allow the vaccine to be stored at standard temperatures, between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius, for up to four weeks, according to Bourla.

“After the injection when I left the facility, I felt relief and such gratitude that we live in a country that has a bounty of vaccines and that are available to all. people. We are in this together,” states Basler.

President Joe Biden has laid out plans to vaccinate 70% of US adults by 4 July and roll out the shots for 12- to 15-year-olds as soon as possible. Mr Biden’s new goal includes having 160 million adults fully vaccinated by Independence Day. The target is well within reach given that 105 million have already had Covid-19 jabs and the US is vaccinating nearly a million adults per day. But the vaccination rate is half of what it was just three weeks ago. Mr Biden said his administration was working to win over “doubters” about the shots.

“Vaccinate immediately. If you’re on a two-dose regimen, make sure you have the second dose as well.,” concludes Molly Basler.

Molly Basler

Molly was born in Downtown Los Angeles at Saint Vincent’s Hospital and was raised in Woodland Hills, a suburb of the San Fernando Valley. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom, and her father was a businessman, and she was raised with three older brothers. She had an activist heart from the start – organizing her first environmental protest at 12 years old, to protect the eucalyptus trees where she lived, and rally support to approve the first bike lane project in her neighborhood. That activism also played a role in her school where she organized the first female powder puff football team, empowering women to challenge the status quo. She attended Hughes Junior High School and Taft High School, and was on the student government where she became the first female Vice President of her Junior High. She attended the University of Southern California and then transferred to Mills College in Oakland, CA, completing her BA, and continued to pursue a career in entertainment.

Molly’s career in Hollywood took a toll on her – however she overcame those personal challenges and struggles and reconnected with her activism and community engagement. Molly began teaching meditation to women at the Brotman Hospital Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center, where she created a program for women to heal from their addiction and rebuild their self-esteem. Many of these women were on the brink of homelessness. She taught yoga and meditation programs at other domestic violence shelters and rehabilitation facilities and eventually went on to start her own small business: Inside Out Fitness Wellness, with a goal to improve the mental and physical health of those experiencing trauma and abuse, and help empower those women to get back on their feet.

Since then Molly has become a community organizer, Climate Reality Leader trained by Al Gore, environmental and animal welfare activist on the frontlines fighting for progressive values championing the People, Planet, and Animals. She is the progressive champion that the 5th council district needs. Molly has a compassionate and bold approach to solving the city of LA’s issues. She has worked to aid the homeless in her yoga teaching, along with volunteering at food distribution opportunities. She was head of a committee at Brentwood Presbyterian Church to ensure that our homeless neighbors had food and shelter.

Molly formed The Green Dream Campaign, in partnership with the West LA Democratic Club, working with many organizations and local Democratic leaders across LA County to go GREEN and push for sustainability by 2022. The Green Dream Campaign is founded on nine principles: the Green Dream Code of Ethics which will decrease our carbon footprint and fight the climate emergency impacting our communities.

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