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Join us for CHANGE

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 / — KQM GLOBAL LLC is a Las Vegas based organization that will be hosting three major live concert events in 2021 to benefit The KQM CHANGE FOUNDATION. All KQM events will benefit children who have lost a parent or guardian to crimes of hate. 100% of net proceeds from each concert, including live concert ticket sales and pay per view, will benefit hundreds of children, by providing life mentorship, through everyday life and into adulthood. KQM GLOBAL LLC events and concerts will include current A-List talent, Entertainment ICONS and Viral Internet sensations who have 10’s of millions of social media followers to promote the concerts and make CHANGE happen.


“CHANGE HOLLYWOOD” will be an exclusive VIP FLASH concert for 500 guests to be held Juneteenth, 2021 in celebration of African American Independence and as a kick-off to all KQM CHANGE Events to benefit children whose lives have been affected by crimes of hate. Featuring Entertainment ICONS, this concert will be an exclusive VIP experience for those lucky enough to attend. The location of this event will be an equally ICONIC theater in Hollywood. Location and artist announcements to be made by June 1st, 2021

“CHANGE LIVE” Las Vegas, July 2021, with up to 7000 live audience members and millions of pay-per-view subscribers around the world. The stage is set for the next KQM CHANGE LIVE EVENT scheduled to take place on July 17th, 2021. Five major music acts will take part alongside several influential viral internet sensations. Tickets for this LIVE event will go on sale mid-June 2021.

“CHANGE” The World’s Concert will accommodate up to 70,000 live audience members and 10’s of millions of pay-per-view subscribers around the globe. This “LIVE AID” style concert will feature up to 30 major A-Listers performing in 15 segments of the show. Each segment will only be 10-20 minutes in length. Every segment will be a mixing of MUSIC Genres, Races, Nationalities and Genders, proving that real UNITY can create CHANGE. Taking place in the fall of 2021, this will be a MUSIC, history making event. Beginning Juneteenth, weekly reveals will announce participating artists.

Reserve your KQM CHANGE CONCERT series pay per view and order your limited supply of merchandise today at KQMGLOBAL.COM or KQMCHANGE.ORG


“This isn’t your typical concert series. If this were easy, everyone would be doing it. The way we are making this happen is through artists with huge social media following. Change will be made with A-Listers, Entertainment ICONS and Viral STARS, so that we can start the process of ending racism and crimes of hate.” – Emilio Torres CEO KQM Global LLC

KQM CHANGE CONCERT series will be the light at the end of a long dark tunnel. We have all struggled with the pandemic shut-down and are better, stronger and ready to wake the sleeping giant in the performance arena to make CHANGE. The George Floyd incident has moved us to create CHANGE through positive musical entertainment performances. Bringing the world back to life through the KQM CHANGE Concert series while benefiting children who have lost so much, is not only the right thing to do, it’s necessary.

KQM Global will be introducing the new ABC “Artist Body Cam” for pay-per-view subscribers at home. Now the audience can see the show through the eyes of their favorite performers, with a live body camera that brings the audience onstage. This will be an over-the-top way to view live entertainment whether from the theatre/stadium seat or from your own home via a mobile device, tablet, computer or smart TV.

One person can change the world, but more importantly one person can change a child’s world. Be the change.


The KQM CHANGE Foundation was established in September 2020, in the state of California with headquarters in Wrightwood, California, to support the lives of children that have been dramatically affected by crimes of hate across America. The KQM CHANGE Foundation will host fundraising events with celebrity influencers who believe in the needs of children.

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Please invite friends and family to take part in CHANGE.
“We will NOT give a young child a college scholarship. We will give them a LIFE Scholarship”

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