Kim Hayden’s 2nd Event of her Year-Long Virtual Real Estate Resilience Tour begins tomorrow

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Kim Hayden

Features HGTV Star Brittany Ramos, Kim Hayden, Kristen Fenrick, Collette McDonald, Crista Swyers

Resilience Series Features HGTV Star Brittany Ramos, Kim Hayden, Kristen Fenrick, Collette McDonald, Christa Swyers

Virtual Summit brings together top female industry earners and professionals to guide and inspire individuals looking to increase their earnings this year!

Through Resilience, our future is not limited by our past. Our events are designed to connect those who LEAD to those in Need….. Community, Connection, Creativity, and Mentorship are our guide.”

— Kim Hayden

USA, March 30, 2021 / — This is the 2nd event in The Real Resilient Tour, hosted by High-Performance Realtor, producer, speaker, business coach, and event founder Kim Hayden.

The summit is designed to use collaboration and lived experience from established women real estate professionals to inspire agents to reach their full potential and succeed in meeting their goals both professionally and personally,” says Hayden, who started working on these events 15 months ago. “Most importantly we are teaching the emerging generation of women Realtors how to be resilient in such uncertain times and how to build each other up while learning from the best.”

The summit brings together top female industry earners and professionals from business development, marketing, brand development, social media influencing, and coaching, as well as authors and academics. Speakers include Nicole Briggs, Lindsay White, Collette McDonald, Kat Drerup, Kristen Fenrick, Michelle Bailey, and Brittany Picolo-Ramos star of HGTV”s Selling the Big Easy!

The summit’s mission is “to shine the spotlight on those who inspire and guide so they can reach those seeking inspiration and guidance…. It’s a way to learn from the best, build each other up and work collaboratively,” says Hayden, a 21-year real estate veteran who calls herself the Queen of Collaboration.

Along with talks and Q&As, attendees will receive the Resilient Real Estate workbook, giving attendees practical advice to use to build their brands.

Hayden says real estate has treated her well, providing an income four times the average income since her second year in real estate. She’s been in the top one percent of earners for some of her years in real estate.

She also has more than 300 hours of broadcast television experience as a host and producer, which has come in handy for pulling together the summit event.

She’s come a long way from her first year in real estate when she moved to Calgary from Kansas. “In 1999 I wanted to open a bakery, but my husband said, ‘Go into real estate. It looks easy’.”

She told everyone in her real estate class that she was going to do 15 deals in the first year and did so. She never cold-called or door knocked, instead choosing to cultivate community…and create advocates. She has built her community organically.

She is also involved in charity events, contributing to a local shelter and she donated 30,000 pounds of groceries to a local Interfaith Food Bank in her community through various events.

“During COVID-19, we were able to collaborate with food trucks and co-ordinate local events and generate $3,700 for a local community association.”

Real estate has been good to her and she wants to share her experience and knowledge and to bring together experienced professionals.

She wants others to have the “same level of success I’ve had. I get irked when I find that less than 30 percent of those making six figures in coaching are women (according to the U.S. -based National Association of Realtors),” she says.

The summit offers perspectives from every stage of life and provides help for young agents who are not getting good coaching or core fundamentals, she says.

The summit also provides ideas for seasoned agents looking for career options such as becoming a commercial leasing agent. Benefits include the hours. “It’s a 9-5, Monday to Friday gig and in three years, you know where your revenue is and can plan for a regular income.”

During a time of record-high suicides, it’s important to inspire people, she says. Through coaching, one person who was “broke but not broken learned how to broker her own success.”

Information and inspiration will help people move forward in the business. “Eighty percent of people who get a license are not in the business after 36 months (according to CREA),” she says “we want to improve those statistics.”

The summit will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST but because she says agents are busy and may not be able to devote an entire day, each attendee will receive the full playback.

Tickets are discounted to $87. Click here to purchase!

Hayden says it’s important for attendees to know that the list is not sold or shared. The event is open to everyone. “It’s not a recruiting event but a gathering of like-minded women looking to be leaders in their communities. It’s a safe environment. Come and feed your mind.”

Tickets are selling fast. Purchase today!

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