Kagoz: Ali Zulfikar Zahedi’s Debut Film that Took the Bangladeshi Film Industry by Storm


“Kagoz,” the first film that Ali Zulfikar Zahedi directed, produced, and wrote for, was Ali Zulfikar Zahedi’s introduction to the Bangladeshi film business in the year 2022. The film, shown to the public for the first time on December 23, 2022, has been showered with a great deal of critical acclaim, and Zahedi’s narrative and directing have been lauded. The Bengali word for “paper” is “kagoz,” and the film “Kagoz” is a romantic thriller that follows the tale of a man called Shahiduzzaman Selim and his wife. The unexpected passing of Shahiduzzaman Selim is the first event in the narrative, and as the tale progresses, the concealed aspects of his life are gradually revealed. Mamnun Hasan Emon and Airin Sultana provide standout performances as the film’s two lead characters.

With “Kagoz,” which Zahedi created the screenplay for and directed, he has adopted a daring and unorthodox approach to filmmaking. The movie is more than simply a love tale; it depicts the challenges that many people in Bangladesh endure daily in their lives. Zahedi tackles problems like poverty, social injustice, and corruption in his film, making it an impactful and thought-provoking cinematic work.

A commercial blockbuster

The film has garnered appreciation for its innovative storytelling approach and realistic depiction of societal concerns. Zahedi’s attention to detail and ability to capture the spirit of Bangladeshi culture and society have been cited as factors contributing to the film’s unique status among those produced by other companies in the industry.

Zahedi’s film was also a commercial success. It took less than two weeks after its release for “Kagoz” to earn the title of Classical Bengali Film Rather Than Commercial Benefit, and the movie poster creation created by CLAY was placed in the Bangladesh Film Archive museum, where it will remain until the end. In addition, the movie was chosen to participate in several film festivals, one of which was the 28th Kolkata International Film Festival, where it was shown as part of the Indian Language Cinema Competition.

Unmatchable skills as a director

Zahedi’s success with the film “Kagoz” is evidence of his skill as a director and a storyteller. He has established himself not just as a talented writer and director but also as a visionary unafraid to tackle challenging topics and push the frontiers of the Bangladeshi cinema industry. He has proved himself capable of doing all of these things. Zahedi has written the dialogues and the screenplay for the film “The Sound,” which was released under the banner of his firm Adrian Films. In addition to “Kagoz,” Zahedi’s writing credits include “The Sound.” Shishir Ahmed, Tanin Subha, Jannat Sanai, Ashraf Kabir, Asma Shiuli, Anamika Juthi, and Zahedi himself, in a unique part, are all featured in the film.

Zahedi is also the founder of Addrian Productions, a firm specializing in film production and distribution. He has been quite outspoken about the need for Bangladeshi filmmakers to have improved access to facilities, technology, and assistance. He has also been very active in supporting the Bangladeshi film industry.

In conclusion, Ali Zulfikar Zahedi’s film “Kagoz” is an impressive introduction to the Bangladeshi film business by the director. Because of his distinctive strategy for presenting stories and his capacity to take on challenging topics, he has established himself as an upcoming filmmaker to keep an eye on. Zahedi is an essential character in the cultural landscape of Bangladesh due to his enthusiasm for filmmaking and his dedication to advancing the Bangladeshi film industry.