Joel “JoPan” Panarigan Talks About MOUTOBODISM Full Bodied Art Revolution International Movement


USA, May 4, 2021 / — The discovery and development of MOUTOBODISM in the visual arts and ART Scene is an ultimate breakthrough to trigger the sleeping giant within and opening an unlimited potential to create and nurture a great artistic perspective and blueprints of LIFE.

The name “MOUTOBODISM” originate and came from the word “MOU” for Mouth, “TO” Tongue and “BOD” for Body “ISM” for Art Movement.

Characteristics include relatively revolutionary, mind-blowing, open-mind, negativity, positivity or mixed, bold, thin, strong, colorful, expressive yet visible mouth, tongue and body strokes and presses, open composition, emphasis on accurate depiction of light in its changing qualities (often accentuating the effects of the passage of time from past, present and the future), extraordinary subject matter, inclusion of movement of life as a crucial element of human perception and experiences, and unusual visual angles borne from an inspired energetic mind and body.

This is not limited to only human Body this movement can also use any part of animals Example: PIG’s Tongue (Lengua), Chicken Feet or any part that is possible as the way of expressing Mouth, Tongue and Body Arts (indeed, we believe that it is more worthwhile than most of what is commonly considered “ART”). The name is meant to sound honest and down-to-earth as it focusses to self-exploration and what can one artist can contribute using his own Life as a whole; to make you think, “I am what I am thru this style I can Unleash the Giant within me!” perhaps. And you can! Anyone can participate in the movement, as long as the attempt is honest and artistic. In the meantime, it’s easy to make MOUTOBODISM art: Just layout your canvas and do it with free mind! Try to forget your conceptions of what a “painting” or “drawing” looks like, create out the box, set aside some theories or what a “song” sounds like, and make lots and lots. Don’t spend too long on any one item or obra. Afterwards, look or listen and discover what you’ve done. Perhaps you’ll find something that appeals to you? If you do, you’ve won! If you don’t, open your mind and try again! Be Motivated and Unleash the True Unlimited Potential in You.

First of all, please introduce yourself.
My name is Joel Panarigan “JoPan” in my artworks. I’m an adventurous artist that wants to express the bigger picture of things, people, and events. After exploring many art styles, in 2000, I finally founded my own, which I call Moutobodism.

What age were you when you became interested in art?
At 6years old I was already loving artworks.

What does MOUTOBODISM mean?
It means MOU for Mouth, TO for Tounge, BOD for Body, ISM for Art Movement.

So, what is Moutobodism?
Moutobodism, which also stands for Mouth Tongue Body Art Movement and Process, is a mix of expressions and emotions emanating from its possessor or art maker. This art style is guided by Moutobodism Manifesto, which I wrote. Freedom of the mind, heart, and soul is Moutobodism’s primary focus. My works using this style have won awards internationally.

Please tell me a bit about yourself?
I’m an adventurous artist that wants to express the bigger picture of things, people, and events. After exploring many art styles, in 2000, I finally founded my own, which I call Moutobodism. Established in the Philippines,

Why do you create art?
Creating art pushes me to another level of existence and legacy. It gives me the strength to unleash sets of tranquility, events, emotions, and experiences. Art is a mystical charm that gives life a picture of the past, present, and future. Every paint running on an art piece is a product of the artist’s mixed feelings and thousands of words expressed. I became an artist because of such passion and my family’s support. Many things inspire me to make art, such as history and current events.

What’s Moutobodism’s process?
With Moutobodism, I use my mouth, tongue, and body to paint and explore myself and unleash the “giant” within me. I use non-toxic paints, such as colored food, coffee, ketchup, or natural colored juices like beetroot, orange, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables. One can also use an animal’s tongue, such as a pig’s tongue, to replace a paintbrush. Apply it to any surface and freely express your emotions.

What were some of the challenges you faced as an artist?
The discrimination and judgment of many people have been a challenge. The mainstream art scene judges a piece of art based on theoretical approaches, for instance. I’ve been challenged to create more art pieces to prove to people there’s no limitation to being an artist. I choose to believe that those who don’t like my art don’t understand it. But there are more than eight billion people globally; I don’t need to please everyone to continue what I love the most, which is art-making.

When people say they are an artist, a lot of people respond and ask if they have a proper job. Why is that, and has anyone said that to you?
Yes some people asking why becoming an artist is what I want, I just simply reply to them. Being an artist is creating something out of nothing and that is enough to explain it in a whole because we inspire and talk directly to the mind and heart of people.

I read an article recently that said schools do not encourage children to follow their artistic talents. It also said that not enough young people are encouraged to follow their artistic dreams and are instead encouraged to get a nine to five job. What can be done to encourage more people to become artists?
Yes that is the mindset of some schools. And for me to encourage more people to become artist is to have the proper understanding and mindsetting regarding Arts and we must have a dedicated institution that focus only to Artisans and those wants to be artists. We have a push and motivation to become one.

Who was your inspiration when training to become an artist?
My inspiration is the colorful daily life and spiritually nurtured internal meanings that speaks to everyone. My family that supported me to push to the peak of being a known artist now.

Who would you say your typical clients are?
My clients are curators, collectors, gallery and those people that mesmerized by the colors and strokes of my artworks.

How long does a typical piece of art take you to create?
I can finish an artwork depending to its idea and complexity. I just make sure that I am maximizing the best speed and message I want to be delivered. Usually I can finish an artwork within 3-5 hours or 1day.

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