Jennel Launches Blockchain Ecosystem Optimizing Supply Chain Transparency And Original Quality Assurance


INDIA, April 29, 2021 / — Jennel creates new possibilities for the cryptocurrency world by providing solutions to the issues of counterfeit products and optimizing supply chain transparency

Ethereum portal Jennel today launched a blockchain – powered ecosystem for global market, physical and online alike that provides real-time reliable solutions to detect counterfeit products and curb their sales, thus optimizing supply chain transparency and original quality assurance.

Jennel is a public permissioned and distributed blockchain ecosystem, operating as a decentralized autonomous organization, developed with state of the art and robust engineering and services that is secure, transparent, reliable and beneficial for all participants.

Jennel comprises specialist teams, systems, expertises and core values. By employing state of the art sensor and data processing technologies, and tools built on machine learning and data science, and well-equipped with a highly sophisticated App and services, Jennel can efficiently integrate across markets, bridge the gap between the manufacturer and the consumer, facilitating utmost transparency between them, and enabling a transparent ecosystem with true data, accessible to all participants.

Suraj Tiwari, the founder and CEO of Jennel asserted, “We, at Jennel, have our consumers’ best interests at heart, and consider it our responsibility to safeguard them from counterfeit products and fraudulent sellers. With Jennel’s mantra as ‘Buy Original’, we are in the business of guaranteeing only the original products to our consumers. We are collaborating with manufacturers and corporations to build a new system where every product comes with a unique ID code allocated to it, so that if it is counterfeited and the customer Jennels it, in real time the data will be sent to the consumer and the original manufacturer. This will help us detect counterfeit products and curb their sale, and guarantee that the consumer always gets the original product he wants and pays for.”

Suraj Tiwari further informed, “We have come up with the most revolutionary concept that will greatly benefit not only the crypto world but also the real world. The concept that Jennel can detect counterfeit products and curb their fraudulent sales, and ensure that consumers will be able to scan and buy only original products puts Jennel the crypto truly in a different league, a league of its own. Jennel is a crypto that will be solving real world problems. With Jennel, you literally get the best of both worlds – crypto and real!”

Jennel steadfastly strives, at all times, to evolve into the most innovative, customer-centric, inclusive and sustainable blockchain ecosystem by creating useful solutions for global market. With a growing base of consumers and manufacturers, Jennel is on track to creating new ways of doing business for the cryptocurrency world. Jennel plans to introduce new features in the future, including inventory management systems and partnerships with companies worldwide. Details about the company, their services and future plans can be found at

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