Japan’s first plant biomethodology wellness brand Waphyto, launches global site with international shipping


TOKYO, JAPAN, May 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Waphyto, developed by award winning phytotherapist, Atsuko Morita, is now available internationally delivering men and women across the globe all-natural products containing more than 90% plant-derived ingredients for every stage of life.

Waphyto, a wellness brand known for their all-natural, vitamin rich ingredients, announce the global launch of their website with international shipping. Developed by Atsuko Morita, award winning phytotherapist, Waphyto was created to connect men and women at every stage of life with the best of what Mother Nature can offer. By combining phytotherapy, herbology and technology, Morita developed a product line of all-natural ingredients harnessed in the soil rich region of Mikawa (notorious for volcanic eruptions and geological interactions with hot springs). The combination of energetic activities form a nutrient rich soil uniqueness found only in Mikawa.

“Providing all-natural materials is only one component of an effective product, by combining the utmost nutrient rich soil, we’ve created an environment where our plants can not only thrive, but where they can develop to their utmost potential. In short, higher quality soil equals higher quality plant characteristics.” says Atsuko Morita. The five primary ingredients in Waphyto’s line of products are powerhouses in their own right, but by fostering their growth with the extra rich soil and combining them with proprietary ingredients extracted by a saturated steam pressure cyclone method, these ingredients flourish at the highest level.

The primary ingredients found in Waphyto’s products include:
• Mulberry Leaves – known for increasing moisture, firmness and elasticity, these leaves are sacred in Japan.
• Chrysanthemum – known for anti-inflammatory properties, the extracts from the flowers feature antibacterial properties as well as providing moisture when applied to the skin.
• Gotu Kola – a medicinal plant called the long-lived herb, is used for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to help the skin retain water.
• Mugwort (Yomogi) – noted for its wild aromatic fragrance, this herb has been a staple in Japanese diet since ancient times, it is known for its blood cleansing and beautifying benefits.
• Horsetail (Sugina) – is a strong and rigorous wildflower whose leaves feature silicone which promotes skin rejuvenation.

The wellness brand features skincare including cleansing oils, toner, facewash and creams, haircare and body care, intimate products including a wash and lubricant. Each product was masterfully crafted with unique formulas that address the skin, hair and inner physiology that is influenced by hormonal imbalances and other internal factors. The products are blended with carefully selected natural essential oils based on the “yin and yang” theory as well as the “qi, blood and water” theory.

In line with Waphyto’s commitment to high quality, clean beauty, the products are formulated with 100% natural plant essential oils, contain no parabens, sulfate compounds, preservatives or synthetic colors or fragrances, they are vegan, fair trade and biodegradable. The packaging is made of recycled plastic and paper with labels that are FSC-certified and printed with vegetable ink. “Clean beauty means more than being all-natural. It is more than the effects of the product on the skin. It’s respecting the environment and utilizing the highest quality of ingredients that Mother Nature has provided, creating balance and harmony achieved through plants,” Morita mentions her goal of a future where people and plants coexist. For more information, please visit Waphyto.

About Waphyto:

Harnessing the power of plants and Japanese biomethodological advancements, award winning phytotherapist, Atsuko Morita, developed Waphyto to provide all-natural products from the highest quality ingredients that enrich and beautify life. The inspiration behind the line is to create harmony and balance between plants and people and to preserve the purity of nature when creating the products. By combining phytotherapy, herbology and technology, Waphyto has created Japan’s first ever biomethodology wellness brand fusing traditional Japanese herbology and scientifically proven phytotherapeutic techniques to create holistic products. Waphyto’s mission includes being elemental, ethical, environmental and empowerment. The line includes skincare, haircare, bodycare, and intimate products. Waphyto is available at its flagship store in Tokyo as well as at waphyto.com